Business storage for startups
Business storage for startups

Bonding over a mutual love of self storage is something that doesn’t often happen outside of others in the storage industry, but it happened to me just a couple of weeks ago. I was meeting with man about having a pool installed and how he knew his business was taking off after his trusty business storage plan which included four-storage units across town was no longer big enough for him. We sat there and sang the praises of how beneficial self storage for startup businesses really is.


For starters, the price per square foot for business storage can be considerably better than it is for renting out an office space. In most areas throughout the United States, having an office in a convenient location is pricey. Having a mini storage unit act as your business’s hub brings down overhead costs considerable. In the case of my new friend, we’ll call him Mr. Pool, he didn’t even need a formal office since all of his consultations happened at the home of his potential clients. Renting a formal office space would’ve been a waste of money at that stage of the game. With Mr. Pool’s four storage unit system throughout the city, he had what he needed, where he needed it, and at a price point that met his growing business’s needs.


Our next point was how convenient business self storage is. He was able to keep all of his records meticulously organized, safe, and out of the way. No longer were his important papers kept in filing cabinets in his apartment or in egg crate bins in his truck. Also, his employees were able to access the storage units and file their paperwork as well. With 24-hour business storage access, his guys could swing by the storage unit first thing in the morning before the day started or late at night after an emergency fix.


Also, we chatted about how nice it was to keep some of his inventory, tools, and product samples in the storage units. He could have a unit dedicated to all of his surplus materials and not worry about theft. Secure business storage allowed him to have peace of mind. He knew that the items were locked in the unit inside of a gated facility that had 24/7 video monitoring. If he wanted to go away for the weekend, he didn’t have to worry about anybody breaking into his garage anymore to take some of his products; all of his business materials were carefully looked after at a convenient storage facility.


Eventually Mr. Pool’s business grew to where he now only uses self storage for his weekend toys like his boat and jet skis, but he fondly looks back on how self storage helped to get his startup business off the ground. We both highly recommend people looking to start or grow a small business explore the many benefits of business self storage.