Using a wedding storage unit you find from can help save you money and a lot of stress. (Maen-CG/

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

Weddings–a day dedicated to celebrating a couple’s love generally is filled with stress, chaos, and mountains of stuff. The amount of money spent on a wedding these days is staggering. If you’re the bride or the wedding planner, then you can see first hand where that money goes and a lot of it might be sitting in your living room right now. If you’re a wedding planner, don’t let your home or office become overrun with taffeta and tissue paper bells. Wedding storage space at a local storage facility will help you keep all of your brides’ things in order.

Using a wedding storage unit you find from can help save you money and a lot of stress. (Maen-CG/
Using a wedding storage unit you find from can help save you money and a lot of stress. (Maen-CG/

Why You Need It

If a bride walks into your office for a meeting about booking you, she doesn’t want to see you sitting in a mess. She wants a planner with his/her stuff together so she can rest easy about her big day. If you have 15 containers wedding favors stacked next to binders that are pushed up next to twenty centerpieces that need fluffing, then the bride might be a little concerned. Keeping your office looking professional is a key element to getting new clients. Also, if you keep things in a wedding storage unit instead of your home or office, you eliminate a lot of accident factors–like accidentally spilling coffee, having a dog run through the living room, or having the office sprinkler system go off.

Why You Need It Part 2

Having extra wedding storage space can help you stay organized. You want your stacks of binders for the Zimmerman wedding kept with the tubs of decorations for that wedding. Having a bin section, a binder section, and a flower section of your office means that Zimmerman stuff might be mixed with Aguenza wedding stuff which might have a little Cole wedding stuff in there as well. With a nice unit, you can have your clients’ things separated out nicely so everything stays together. The last thing you want to do is show up with the Aguenza unity candle when you’re at the Cole wedding.

Rent the Right Unit

For wedding storage, you really might want to consider renting a climate controlled unit. If you’re storing candles, fabric items, candy, or anything of that nature, you’re going to want it all saved at a nice, even temperature. Unless you live somewhere that stays really cool all year round, having a climate controlled wedding storage unit is a good choice. Also, rent a unit that has 24 hour access. You never know what you might need and when you might need it. Lastly, you might want to consider renting from a place that has package delivery acceptance that way you save yourself one round of hauling items from place to place.

Being a wedding planner requires a lot of organization. Having extra wedding storage space to keep your office & home clean, your things organized, and kept in a safe place is important. As previously mentioned, weddings are expensive–which means there is a lot of money to be made if you’re the wedding planner. Use wedding storage to keep your business organized not only for you, but for your couples!