Self Storage Office
Self Storage Office

In today’s times, the next big business is one entrepreneur away from being built, but even the biggest of industry empires start as a small business in someone’s home, garage—or storage unit. Yes, in some instances, you can use a storage facility as an office.

Renting a storage unit can serve as a great way to start a small business, from a local lawn care service to e-commerce. It allows you space to store inventory and most equipment, and you may even find a facility with a business center as well, all while keeping your overhead lowering than buying or renting a bay or suite.

So, now that the question of whether or not you can use a storage unit for your business, the next question is how.

How to use self storage for business

The key to effectively using a storage unit for your business is knowing the right features you need. For instance, start with size. Are you storing larger equipment such as lawnmowers or a trailer? Then you’re going to need something a little larger, like a 10×10 or larger. Are you starting with boxes of trinkets and crafts you’re selling through your etsy shop? A 5×5 or 5×10 is similar to a spare storage closet at home.

There are other storage features that most storage facility operators would recommend such as climate control, which maintains a constant temperature and humidity level within your unit to protect weather-sensitive  materials and supplies. You’ll also want to keep your business, your money, safe with security features such as electronic gate access, video surveillance, and onsite management.

Some lesser known features business owners can benefit from include:

  • Electricity – Some storage facilities do offer electricity within the unit. This is great when you have specialized equipment that requires a charge or even using the unit itself as an office or workspace.
  • Business center – If you need an office space to perhaps hold a meeting or take a call without the noise and distractions of a house or public space, find a storage facility with a business center, which can come with a meeting space, internet connection, and even a phone line.
  • Drive up access – If you’re storing large equipment or a larger inventory, find a facility with drive up access. This feature lets you pull your vehicle directly up to your unit for easy dropoff or pick up of inventory as well as park work vehicles.
  • 24 hour access – Lastly, you may need to get to your business outside of traditional hours. Find a storage facility with 24 hour access, giving you the ability to get to your business whenever you need.

As you explore self storage for your business, keep in mind that not every facility will offer all of the mentioned above storage features. The key will be to hone in on the features you’ll absolutely need, such as security and climate control, as well as drive up access for vehicles.

If now seems like the right time for you to launch the next great business empire, don’t let space be the thing that holds you back. Using a storage unit for your business office, work, or storage space can help you launch your business.

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