Throughout the storage industry, companies and facilities are giving back
Throughout the storage industry, companies and facilities are giving back

By Mitch Laursen,

According to a press release, there is a new popular stackable storage system available for people across the United States to store food and water for emergency preparedness. Lifestack has only recently been launched, to push promotions with the celebration of National Preparedness Month.

The new storage system includes rectangular-shaped individual containers that can snap together to become a wall or similar item. The individual stacks, which can to fit in tight spaces and be stacked in any direction, are designed to hold one gallon of water, be leak-proof, and keep out harmful sunlight. They are built of lightweight and durable material, to ensure easy travel and stability.

Having quality storage space is becoming more important as the level of danger increases. When Hurricane Isaac damaged New Orleans in the summer of 2012, Storage Post Self Storage offered discounted prices and deals to hurricane victims on their self-storage units. The self storage facility wanted to guarantee that all victims of Hurricane Isaac had a safe and dry place to keep their belongings or stay at.

Storage companies helped the people of New Orleans after destructive Hurricane Isaac came through.

Not only can self-storage units be offered to those damaged by weather or be used to prepare against potential dangers, but they can also be used for community and nonprofit fundraising events. There have been hundreds of events sponsored by self storage facilities in 2012; in categories including animal rescue, cancer research, weather victim donations, blood donors, recycling/green efforts, and more.

In early September 2012, LifeStorage held a fundraising event for the Chicago English Bull Dog Rescue (CEBR). The garage and clearance sale event, which took place in Chicago, Ill., provided at least three storage units for event-goers to sell excess pet- and rescue-related items and merchandise.

Self-storage facilities are constantly building up their involvement with charity self storage methods. More storage companies have entered and built into the self storage industry in recent years; I believe there will be a consistently large turnout of self-storage companies eager to donate space, units and money to great charitable campaigns.