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Consumer advice and information to help you find the right storage unit to protect your valuable belongings. We know all the in’s and out’s of self storage, mini storage and mobile storage – it’s time for us to share and help!

How to store audio equipment

Use self storage for audio equipment

Whether you’re DJing weddings, striking out on a new career as a producer, or just really like to let the music play, audio equipment can be a great hobby and an expensive investment. So, what happens when you’re not using the equipment? Does it...

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How to Store Fine China

The holidays are normally an ideal to pull out all the stops for company and nice dinners. Go ahead and mull the wine, breakout your favorite cheesecake recipe—the one your great aunt gave you—and, of course, make sure you have your best china for your guests.   But once the holidays are over,...
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How to store antiques for repurposing

How to store antiques for repurposing   For years the trend of taking something old and making it like new has swept across the country in a trend that can be succinctly reduced to three words: reuse, recycle, repurpose. From favorite shows like “American Pickers” to local junk stocks and garage sales, men and women...
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How to Store a Car For Winter

How to store a car for winter   Kids are back in school, the long and hot days are winding down, and the familiar scents of fall grow each day on the cooling breeze. Summer nears its end. And while we can all certainly hope for a long, enjoyable fall, the reality is that winter...
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Home Entertainment Storage

How to store home entertainment equipment   When in the home, there’s no doubt electronics can bring hours and hours of entertainment. There’s Netflix binges, shopping online, or hours-long sessions of gaming with your friends. Outside of the home, however, electronics can be a different matter.   No matter how sturdy they’ve made televisions, gaming...
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Simple Steps to Reduce Moving Stress

Prepping for a move is awful; even if you’re excited about this upcoming change, the packing, organizing, cleaning, sorting, etc is stressful. Even organized people feel the need to scream from time to time during this trying endeavor. There are some things you can do to help make a move easier. Try some of these...
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How to Store Paperwork

How to store paperwork Despite society’s constant effort to be paperless, there always seems to be stacks and stacks of paperwork we all go through. Whether to keep a written account of your personal financials, hold receipts for your transactions, or even meet a requirement to keep a record of all business operations for...
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How to store leftover paint

As the weather starts to warm up, windows start to open, and the slow itch of spring cleaning begins to take root. Perhaps you’re looking to sell your house, maybe you’re moving into a new home—or maybe you just want to spruce up the place. In any case, the spring season is a great...

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How to store your motorcycle

How to use self storage for a motorcycle   Taking out your motorcycle for a long ride is the dream of many riders, especially with the warmer seasons ahead. However, whether your on military deployment, vacationing, or perhaps only take weekend rides—especially in the hit or miss weather of the spring season—you may not always...
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