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The Growing Reliance on Technology & Transparency in Advertising

The Internet has become a staple of most Americans everyday lives. Techonology is everywhere and people rely on it heavily, which is hopefully no surprise to you. In an episode of the hit sitcom "Modern Family," the Dunphy family tried to go without technology and it was a catastrophe. The Dunphy family is a great...
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Business Storage

Many businesses such as doctors’ offices, dentists, pharmaceutical reps, contractors, restaurants, and retail stores use storage units to house their excess inventory, patient records, unused seasonal items, pharmaceutical products, equipment, and more. It is typically more economical to rent a storage unit than to expand office space and a clean office is always a much...
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Portable Storage

Portable storage, also called mobile storage, is used by many people as a convenient alternative to traditional self storage. In contrast to self storage where you take your belongings down to the facility and unload them into your unit, portable storage offers you the convenience of delivery! Hence the name portable.

Here’s how it...
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Online Content: What Consumers Want Vol 4

Thanks for checking back for the fourth step on our series on Online Content- What Consumers Want.  Last week we talked about the second step which was “Online Reservations.” This week we are going to focus on “Social Media”. Social media is becoming a big hit in advertising.  More and more companies are creating accounts on...
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