By Laura Gee,, Storage and Organization Contributor

Okay, so this really isn’t the WILD side exactly, but for my friends, I thought this was pretty daring for them (and for myself)–an entire wall covered in chalkboard paint.

My friends, Sofia & Brian, have been redecorating and organizing their

This whole wall in their kitchen is covered in chalkboard paint! It is perfect for keeping lists and is a lot of fun.

home room by room for the past 9 months. I wrote in a previous blog about our painting adventures in the kitchen and in their living room. Well recently, Sofia and Brian got the itch to paint again.

The itch grew from necessity really. They wanted to put a large message board on the wall by their door but they didn’t know how they wanted to do it. For sure they wanted something different, but couldn’t quite figure out what. Also, not all of us painting (most likely myself) were exactly a Michelangelo or da Vinci style painter, so we got some paint splatters that needed to be covered. The solution to both problems, chalkboard paint.

In about 30 minutes, they had the whole wall cleaned, holes filled and sanded, and were ready to paint. It was fast and easy! It took a few coats to get the wall totally covered, but in no time flat, they had a functional wall that solved their organizing problem and the yellow paint splatter problem.

This has been perfect for leaving each other notes and keeping track of shopping lists.

One regret they have about this is that it isn’t magnetic. If they were going

Notes, drawings, messages, lists, and so much more can be featured on this wall.

to do this again, they would’ve made it magnetic. They could’ve easily bought sheet metal from the home improvement store and used decorative nails to secure it and then painted it with the chalk board paint, but oh well. This look is cute, functional and bold!

To create your OWN chalkboard paint in any color:

1 cup of paint + 2 tablespoons of unsanded tiles grout. It’s that easy. You’ll probably need 3+ coats in any given area and will want to lightly sand down painted area to make sure they are smooth.

Feeling bold like Sofia and Brian? Then put in a fantastic chalkboard wall of your own. It’s functional and neat. If black isn’t your thing, then make your own paint and make it any color you desire