SPS likely thinks that more Charity Storage events will be planned for the future. ( Genotar/Shutterstock.com)

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager, USstoragesearch.com

So much attention has been aimed at storage unit auctions since A&E’s Storage Wars franchise first hit the market. Even though auctions had been around for a while, a whole new crop of people were exposed to these exciting events and popularity, and curiosity, about auctions skyrocketed. Looking to use this growth of attention for good, Lance Watkins and Barry Hoeven created Charity Storage. Recently, Security Public Storage (SPS) held its first Charity Storage auction in order to give back to the community and saw success–enough so to have planned more events.

SPS likely thinks that more Charity Storage events will be planned for the future. ( Genotar/Shutterstock.com)

The SPS facility on Fruitridge Road in Sacramento recently auctioned off the last bin of their auction with the announcement that the proceeds from this bin would go towards Habitat for Humanity, Kure It Cancer Research, and the Self Storage Association’s Foundation Scholarship program. Off of that one bin, $747 was raised. The excitement surrounding this last bin up for auction grew as people realized that the money was being put towards charitable organizations.

In a recent press release, Jeremy Clist, Manager for SPS, was quoted as saying, “I love the fact that Security Public Storage has teamed up with Charity Storage. The storage industry is sometimes portrayed negatively, especially with all the impact from the various TV shows, and this allows us to not only put a positive light on the industry, but more importantly, give back to the community. Our entire staff is very excited to be a part of this experience!”

Watkins and Hoeven created Charity Storage during the storage auction boom of recent years and saw that there was a great opportunity to give back. The proceeds from Charity Storage events get sent to both local and national charities. The breakdown for the donations of their events are as follows: Habitat for Humanity received 60%, Kure It Cancer Research received 30%, and the Self Storage Association’s Foundation Scholarship program received 10%.

“The fact that bidders became more excited when the Charity Storage Unit was auctioned speaks volumes to the true meaning of what we are trying to do,” Watkins said. “It is a positive way to improve the image of auctions and so many people will benefit through the money raised for charities.”

SPS has another Charity Storage auction planned for noon (PST) today. Two other auctions were held on February 14th and the 20th. Any other funds raised have yet to be disclosed.

All information provided by a PRweb.com press release.