My latest, and somewhat greatest, project has been completed. I have finally created a jewelry storage option that is both cute and functional. Best of all though, it is cheap and I’ve found about 10 other places in the house where I’m going to adapt this genius idea. What I did was take two small cork boards, boarder, some spray paint, ribbon, two drawer pulls, and some wall mounting tape and created a way to hang my necklaces.

I’ve bought many jewelry boxes and tried a ton of different ways to keep my jewelry organized. I have tried the straw trick where you feel the necklace through the straw and clasp it shut. It didn’t work. My mom was nice enough to buy me a really nice jewelry box as a present one year and it was slam full before I barely got started filling it. Since then, I’ve tried keeping my jewelry in their original boxes, but that was ugly and a pain to sift through. For the past ten years my husband and mom have been feeding my addiction to jewelry quite generously, so I’ve been on a serious hunt for a proper storage option.

After searching around online, I combined several different ideas and came up with my cork board solution. I saw ideas where people used chicken wire and picture frames or office store cork boards for hanging jewelry. I knew I liked the hung picture frame look, but I needed to put my own spin on it.

Since I didn’t have a nice office-ready cork board, chicken wire, or an extra frame sitting around, I hit up my local hardware store and went trolling for cheap alternatives. I found amazing 12 inch squares of cork board that came in packs of four. I wasn’t going for the natural look so my next plan of action was to hit up the spray paint (one of my favorite things). I was instantly drawn to a white and a light blue that would perfectly match my bed set. The cork board needed a little bit of dazzle. I scoured the wooden trim options until I came across a few I liked. Thankfully there was an employee nearby who was kind enough to cut down the 8 foot strips that I had into more manageable pieces. From there I found the mounting tape and decorative drawer pulls to mount the creation.

It took me two days to spray paint the cork board so that I liked it. I wasn’t thinking about how absorbent the cork would be. I would definitely have gotten two cans of spray paint had I known or gotten small paint samples. Painting the trim pieces and cutting them out proved to be much easier than I anticipated. Since the trim was cut into 4 foot strips and the cork was a square foot, it was super easy to measure and cut. I hot glued the trim onto the painted cork board and hot glued the ribbon on it as well. From there, I used mounting tape to hang the cork on the wall. I knew the ribbon and drawer pull hanging system wouldn’t be enough to hold the weight of my cork board, so the mounting tape was a must. Hanging the drawer pull was the hardest part. My husband took an incredibly long nail and got glued it into the drawer pull and then lightly hammered it into the wall from there. Since it isn’t load bearing, it didn’t exactly matter that that isn’t the most stable way to mount it.

After finding some shiny push pins, I was ready to start mounting. I’ve loved my jewelry storage option and glad I combined several storage tips and craft ideas into one. My stuff is organized and doesn’t turn into a tangled mess and I get to look at my pretty jewelry. Finally, gone are the days of detangling a necklace in order to wear it. Since I only ended up using two of my four cork boards and half of my trim, I’m purchasing spray paint in the colors of my favorite sports teams to go in our sports-themed office. This $25 purchase has turned into great storage solutions for two rooms now.