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I know I’m not the first and only parent to openly admit that I do my very best to keep everything my kids draw, paint, glue, write, cut, glitter, and sticker ever since they held their first crayon.  We treasure all of our children’s’ artwork and want to cherish all of their crafts forever.

It started off when I saved my first born’s first scribble on a piece of paper, and then his first letter that he wrote, and then again when he made his first stick person.  I put it all in a folder to be saved until the end of time.  If you think I’m joking, I’m not and believe me when I tell you how painful it was to every so often throw out a piece of my child geniuses’ art.

Of course, I have only myself to blame now that I have finally admitted to myself that my child is a hoarder.  He loves art, drawing, cutting and creating things which in turn only end up cluttering my kitchen table, 2 kitchen drawers, and 1/3 of my pantry. (See pictures below)

Since I have slowly over the process of time, been training myself to throw out most things he makes and keep a slight few, it gets tricky.  Just as I am beginning to recover from my child’s art addiction, it seems my child is the one now with the problem.  He finds things that I have thrown away and literally takes it out of the trash and posts them on the fridge.  In order for me to make some headway in clearing out and organizing all of his crafts and projects I’ve found that I have to do it when he’s sleeping.  It sounds a little sneaky, but I also try to teach him that we can’t keep everything and only the things that we really love.  Still the areas that have quickly succumbed to his projects are in complete disarray.

I can’t complain that I have no storage space for his stuff because the truth is we have plenty of space, but it’s been hard trying to figure out how to best store it all.  This is one of my current projects I’ve been working on lately and it’s definitely not going to happen overnight, however I do have somewhat of a plan.  If you are wanting to organize your child’s arts and crafts but aren’t sure where to start here are a few organizing tips;

  • Have 1 or 2 designated spots where the crafts will go.  I have a couple drawers in the kitchen and a pantry that I am able to use for storing.  Once they are full, throw away some items instead of having the overflow carried over to yet another space.
  • Have the art supplies like coloring books and crayons in areas that are easily accessible to your child, but keep things like glue, scissors, paint and other messy craft supplies up high where you have to get them down for them.
  • Use what you have in the house first before buying any extra storage bins or holders so you can save money.  For example, I found a multiple storage bin drawer holder (see pic below) that I had in college that now houses all of my childrens’ crafts.
  • Instead of keeping every bit of artwork your child makes, take a picture of your child holding it and then store all those photos in a photo album with a description of the age your child was when he/she made it so you never have to forget anything they have ever made.
  • I also love the idea of getting a three ring binder with plastic sleeves to store and organize artwork that you want to keep.  This way it is stored safely and neatly in a book that is less clutter than a whole lot of crafts just hanging around.

Pic 1

These are the current drawers that are filled to the top with coloring books and work book, crayons and some stickers.

Pic 2 & 3

Our pantry is large, so it is nice that I can hide the majority of the art supplies in the here and out of view to everyone else.  However, the crafts have not only spilled out of the wheelie storage bin cart to the top of it, but also to the shelf directly next to it as well.

As I pour myself a glass of wine and mentally prepare myself to get started on this huge project of mine, stay tuned for my next blog entry to find out the outcome of this craft mess overhaul…

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