Guest post by Sally S. Sally’s resourcefulness comes from a demand to find space for her own expanding collection of  shoes which she shops for at her favourite website Peppermint.

Since not all of us can have closets like this one, we have to be creative with our storage solutions.

If you are rapidly accumulating an Everest of shoes in your house and your patience is wearing thin as you fall over it daily or have to burrow into it every time you want to find the right pair, fear not! There are some funky and inexpensive solutions to your clutter catastrophe, salvation is at hand!

Purpose Built Storage

Most furniture suppliers now have a decent range of storage solutions for your footwear. There are a plethora of systems that can be incorporated into your wardrobe, under your bed or in the corner of your room. But these all cost money and let’s face it they are very boring! If you use your imagination you can create something unique, exercise your creative skills and save money all at the same time.

The Ladder

Find an old ladder in the garage or at a junk yard and go crazy with the spray paint! Clean your ladder and rub down old paint marks etc. and then spray to match your room and personal style. Metal or wooden ladders are fine and you can even decorate them with sparkly jewels, ribbons and beads to create an eye catching piece of furniture that is portable and fun. Hang your shoes by their heels on the rungs of the ladder and voila!

Wine Boxes

You know those cardboard boxes for wine that have six convenient slots in them? Guess what? You should not throw them away! Turn them on their sides and you have an instant modular storage system for your footwear. Get the paint out again, or use fancy paper to cover your boxes, and you have an attractive and practical storage solution for free. I know it is a bit ‘Blue Peter’ but you can achieve some amazing results with a little imagination.

Pipes and Tubes

Have you ever wondered what to do with that leftover piece of drainpipe? Probably not, but if you do have some lying around then you have a brilliant storage device just minutes away. Cut the pipe into equal sized sections. Lay these on top of each other forming a pyramid and glue together. You now have a series of shoe friendly slots which you can customise to suit your room.

Old Furniture

If you fancy a more visible display of your shoes then consider using an old display cabinet. These can
be sourced cheaply, rubbed down and repainted. Instead of using them for ornaments make a feature of your Jimmy Choo shoes, Fly London Boots or Converse collection. Place the shoes on the shelves and store them behind glass. You can show them off, keep the dust away and find them easily when you actually want to wear them. Perfect!

Anything Goes

When you think about it just about anything can be adapted for shoes. Have a rake around your loft and garage and see what you can find. Visit the local boot sale and pick up a bargain. Simply find something which has shelves, slots or a lid and you are on. What about sprucing up old archive boxes, using guitar cases or adapting wine racks? The possibilities are endless and you will have more money to expand your shoe collection!