By Laura Gee, Storage and Organization Contributor

Video games have progressed technologically by leaps and bounds throughout the last thirty years or so. With all of this advancement has come a lot of stuff. Controllers, game consoles, accessories, game cartridges, CD’s, and ton of other things part of this hobby that so many people enjoy all over the world. It doesn’t take long for all of this stuff to take over an area. There is hope! There is a way for gamers and non-gamers to co-exist—as long as compromises are made on both sides.


First of all, save any and all shoe boxes you come across. Shoe boxes are perfect for storage of video game accessories because they are cheap and easy to recover in order to match the look and feel of any room. Video games store nicely in these small boxes. You can have a nice, neat stack of shoes boxes that are filled with video games, but are covered in old maps, floral fabrics, sports themed wrapping paper, or whatever it is that you want to decorate them with. Controllers and other accessories tuck away nicely into boot boxes and other larger boxes. For an upgraded look, you can even purchase faux leather and thumb tacks to give a simple little shoe box a chic facelift. Nobody will ever be the wiser that a bunch of gaming stuff is hidden away right in plain sight.

Next, you can invest in relatively cheap pieces of furniture that will hide those gaming systems. There are many cheap options for entertainment centers with doors that can be shut when the system is not in use. If your entertainment system or shelving unit is deep enough, you can place picture frames, books, or even DVD’s in front of the gaming system to try to conceal it a bit. Putting games, controllers, and accessories in decorative storage ottomans is also a creative way to accommodate all of the stuff associated with playing video games.


Video game playing is a topic that gets many people passionate. Even those who love it living with those who hate it can co-exist. There are many ways to conceal or downplay the presence of a gaming system in any given room. Games, gaming systems, and controllers are easy to hide. As for the gaming chairs, well, I’ll leave that battle for you.

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