College Storage
College Student Storage

Trying to drive downtown for the next two weekends will be a nightmare because all of the college students will be moving out of their dorms. Our already crowded city will be inundated with parents excited to bring their kiddos home for the summer. Overflowing minivans and SUVs will be double parked or circling the block for hours trying to find parking. If I were them, I’d look into renting college storage at a convenient self storage facility instead.


Dorm gear does not need to go home with you; all of that stuff can be kept in a small storage unit. Many facilities offer student discounts and month-to-month leases. Extra-long twin sheets, reading lamps, textbooks, and the inevitably purchased papasan chair doesn’t need to be brought home.


To cut costs on summer college storage many students rent a storage unit with a buddy or a roommate. You can save money and not worry about divvying up all of your mutually purchased room decor if you go in together. Larger units are available to accommodate a variety of items and needs. Curtains, area rugs, tv’s, micro-fridges, and more can be kept in a convenient storage unit over the summer that is often just blocks from your campus. Don’t forget, your bike can be kept at the storage facility as well! Give that thing a break and let it rest during the summer months.


Lastly, if you’re not going to be needing your car when you go home, look into options of leaving your car in storage as well. Summer vehicle storage for college students is great. Whether you’re putting your vehicle in storage while you are away for college or leaving it in storage in between semesters because “home” is more urban, you can rest assured that your car in a secure place.

As you or your collegiate student wrap up this semester, think about the freedoms that a storage unit might open up for you. Your dining room doesn’t need to be a storage unit if you can rent a cheap college storage unit. Use to find a location that is near campus or wherever you call home in between semesters and keep your things safely stored out of the way.