Commercial self storage is an option many businesses look into to keep their supplies safe.

By: Mitch Laursen,

For years, businesses have relied on the help and partnership with those in the real estate industry to maintain a consistent home for their business. As the economy has shuffled back from the line of success, business owners all over the United States have started to feel the imbalance of the supply and demand scale. Customers spend less, supply has increased, and prices have changed dramatically—leaving businesses struggling for the next best answer. One possible answer: commercial self storage.

Commercial self storage is an option many businesses look into to keep their supplies safe.

According to Kristena Hansen of the Phoenix Business Journal, the edge of the “fiscal cliff” is nearing and commercial real estate professionals are expressing their concerns. The fiscal cliff, which is a combination of federal budget cuts and tax increases, is currently worth about $718 billion. The future impact of the fiscal cliff on commercial real estate markets could be catastrophic, and could increase the prices and taxes real estate vendors make on businesses.

What are businesses to do if real estate agencies increase their charges and taxes? One of the most effective alternatives to real estate agencies is commercial self-storage. Many self storage companies around the US provide specific rental spaces specifically for businesses to work out of, which make finding a suitable and efficient place to work out of simple and easy.

Using self-storage units is a fantastic solution to commercial space concerns and questions; the self storage industry is becoming more popular and expanding all over the world. The transformation process from rented real estate space to self-space is simple and much like the process for personal storage—you find and rent space, transport and unpack your items into your unit, and get back to work (according to

A potential obstacle of reaching out to businesses as storage customers is the difference between the amount of space the business needs and how much space you have to offer them. Also, facilities with conference rooms, electricity in the units, and WiFi offer more tempting features for businesses. In addition, more common features like climate-control should be advertised for their great benefits for business storage.

Small businesses and larger businesses alike are enjoying the benefits of business self storage. The savings and benefits of from utilizing this option for office space and storage room offers many positives no matter how many employees are on the payroll. If you’re looking for a space for your business and don’t wish to be locked into a traditional office space, then consider using commercial self storage.