Renting a business storage unit that you found on can be a great choice if you use storage probably. (jdwfoto/

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger

New businesses often face the issue of lacking proper storage space, but this can be generally alleviated by looking for storage companies to work with. Joining forces with a company like that and using their services will provide a starting business with the necessary space at affordable prices. There are some things one must keep in mind when preparing to use such storage, and we will cover a good deal of them here:

  • If you need to store any delicate, breakable items, you can always store them in the drawers of any file cabinets you have in your storage unit. If not, then you can always see whether you can put up some shelves to store them on.
  • Use bubble wrap to protect all breakables if you want to be a hundred percent certain that they will be perfectly safe, even in the extreme event of an earthquake.

    Renting a business storage unit that you found on can be a great choice if you use storage probably. (jdwfoto/
    Renting a business storage unit that you found on can be a great choice if you use storage probably. (jdwfoto/
  • If you have no more than a few items inside a box, but you don’t want it to collapse under the weight of whatever is on top of it, you can fill it up with newspapers or packing peanuts for volume.
  • Never store anything perishable or combustible inside a storage unit, as these can become a real issue later down the line. In most cases you will be warned to be at least careful about it, if not even outright told you can’t do that.
  • Make sure there is no moisture in any of the things you’re storing, as condensation may become a serious problem as you store them. Look for storage units with good, proper ventilation, especially if you’re storing important files, documents or electronics. Climate control is essential in a storage scenario.
  • Use a good, high-quality lock to lock containers within the storage unit as well, just to be on the safe side. You can never have enough security when it comes to sensitive data or materials.
  • If you have to store any furniture pieces, make sure you do so on pallets or boards to keep them off the floor. This will protect their bottoms in case of any condensation or other dangers.
  • Cover large items with plastic and put them on a stable surface. This will protect them from dust and the occasional scratching if people visiting the storage unit are not careful.
  • Take apart and dismantle any large items if they take too much space, whenever that is possible. Despite the size of your storage unit, your available space is very important overall, as not doing so may hinder you while you move around inside.
  • Label all boxes so you can be completely aware of what’s inside at all times. This will not only help you get organized better, but it will also allow you to look for things quickly and efficiently whenever you visit the storage unit.
  • When all is said and done, make sure only a select few people have complete access to your storage. This will help you make the place more secure overall.

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