Common mistakes to avoid during an office move

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger

If you’re planning an office move then you need to be aware that although it’s a similar process to moving house, it isn’t going to be exactly the same. One of the biggest differences between moving home and moving offices is the manner in which you pack items. Your office possessions are a lot more difficult to move as any damages or accidents that happen could have a negative effect on the way your office is going to run. Luckily, there are many steps you can take to ensure a speedy and safe office move.

When moving items from your current office to a new location, certain steps should be taken in order to have a high-quality experience. (Photo courtesy of Grace Bailey)

When moving items from your current office to a new location, certain steps should be taken in order to have a high-quality experience. (Photo courtesy of Grace Bailey)

1)      Choose the right packing materials.

The success of your office move is dependent on the materials you use to pack your belongings. Second-hand boxes sourced from supermarkets may be how you moved house, but this isn’t likely to be useful for your office. Though stationary cupboards and office drawers will move easily in small cardboard boxes, they aren’t going to be reliable enough to move computers, printers or monitors. For these items you’re going to want to invest in proper moving boxes. These are available online, or in some cases you might even be able to buy them from your removal company. If this is the case then see what discounts you can get yourself for buying both services and products from the same company.

If you’re moving more than one office then it might be worth looking into investing in some reusable plastic storage boxes. Again these might be provided by your removal company, so make sure to ask. Plastic storage boxes are going to be more durable and reliable for your office move, so it’s definitely worth the extra cost.

2)      Heavy lifting.

Don’t assume that you and your colleagues are going to be perfectly able to lift and move heavy desks, chairs and furniture. Office removal companies are definitely the way to go when it comes to moving offices, so make sure you’re getting professionals to help move heavy items so you can avoid injuring yourself or damaging company property.

3)      Over-packing boxes.

Try not to over-pack boxes as doing so can cause them to break. All your boxes should be able to close effortlessly, and they should not be baulking under the weight of the items inside them.

4)      Mislabeling boxes.

Make sure all your boxes are clearly and accurately labelled so that you’re less likely to lose or misplace important items. Use sticky labels and marker pens to label all of your boxes, not just those of importance!

5)      Wires and de-cluttering.

De-cluttering your office is going to reveal a lot of mystery items that you just aren’t sure about. Your office is likely to accumulate a multitude of different wires, extension cords and extra items you just can’t place. When preparing for an office move it’s important you get rid of all the items you aren’t going to use. This cuts down on the amount of things you need to move. For wires, try to label all the ones you recognise. Separate and store them accordingly so as to avoid tangling them up in the move – this only means you’ll waste time trying to untangle them when you’re unpacking!

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