Storage Unit Size Guide

By Molly Hammond,

When you’re looking to rent a storage unit, one of the most difficult things can be deciding how much space you need. Storage websites often have size guides, but some offer little more than the dimensions of available units.

It can be tough to visualize the contents of your home in terms of square footage, so we’ve created a quick guide that compares common storage unit sizes with dimensions you can easily picture: rooms in your home!

5×5: Often the smallest unit size a facility will offer, think of a 5×5 as a spare closet. While it’s not big enough to store the contents of an entire bedroom, it can fit a small mattress set along with boxes and small furniture and is more than enough space to clear out the most cluttered corners of your home. This unit size is particularly popular for storing seasonal items like holiday decorations or landscaping equipment.

5×10: Consider a 5×10 the walk-in closet you wish you had, capable of storing the contents of a small dorm room. It can accommodate a queen-sized bed (including frame and box springs), as well as a sofa, dresser, television, and a few stacks of boxes. Businesses can also use this unit to store small desks, chairs, and filing cabinets.

10×10: A 10×10 unit is the size of a small bedroom, which means there’s enough space to store the contents of a two-bedroom apartment. A well-organized 10×10 can house multiple bedroom sets in addition to a sofa and entertainment center or dining room set with plenty of room left for boxes or bookshelves.

10×15: A 10×15 unit is like a home office. These units have space for the contents of multiple bedrooms (including two full bed sets), as well as large furniture from other rooms in the house, like coffee tables, a dining table, and a sofa. A unit this large is likely to be employed during a serious home renovation or a move to a new home.

10×20: This unit size is about the size of a small living room. Typically, a 10×20 is used for commercial storage or for storing the contents of a multi-bedroom home, including large appliances. It can also be used for storing small vehicles, like a compact car, motorcycle, fishing boat, jet ski, or ATV.

10×30: The largest unit size offered at most facilities, a 10×30 unit is like a large living room. It can hold the contents of multiple bedrooms, as well as kitchen, dining, and living room furniture. If you need a unit for all of your home’s belongings, in the case of a military deployment or temporary move overseas, a 10×30 space is perfect. Also, it’s useful for storing large vehicles like cars, trucks, boats, and small RVs.

While you can always ask the facility which unit will be the best for your belongings, having a good idea of the space you’ll need ahead of renting a storage unit can save you time and money.