5x5 Storage Units

5x5 Storage Units

By Molly Hammond, USstoragesearch.com

When people think of storage units, they often think of moving and housing large items they don’t have the space to keep (or the heart to throw out). While it’s true that self storage is a great solution for people in the middle of a move, storage units can be used for so much more.

The smallest storage unit at most storage facilities is a 5×5, which is like that extra closet you always wish you had. The space these mini storage units provide may not seem significant, but moving your items into a 5×5 unit can make a huge difference in your home. Here are five common uses for a 5×5 storage unit.


So you’ve got too many clothes for your closet—what a lovely problem to have! A 5×5 storage unit is the perfect fit for your clothing collection when you don’t have the space at home.

By adding a hanging rack or packing your clothes into boxes or storage tubs, a mini storage unit can be like a second closet. This option is great for renters who find themselves sharing a closet with another person, have an abundance of seasonal clothing that they don’t need at certain times of the year, or have several items that take up lots of closet space (such as formal dresses, suits, uniforms, etc.).


Whether it’s loads of children’s books, college textbooks, or materials from your classroom that have no home in the summertime, a 5×5 unit can be your own little library. By adding a few shelves in your storage space, you can free up room at home that would otherwise be dedicated to displaying all of your books.

If you’re in an area that gets hot and humid though, it might be wise to invest in a climate-controlled 5×5 unit. This will allow you to maintain a steady temperature and humidity level so the pages in your books don’t wilt and fade.

Business Inventory or Files

Most startup companies or small businesses often don’t have the office space they need right off the bat. Because of this, they turn to self storage to take care of their lack of space or supply storage needs. With a 5×5 unit, it’s easy to move equipment or additional inventory out of the office to get back that much-needed space.

For larger businesses, a 5×5 could serve as a backup for documents. With a few filing cabinets, all paperwork can be moved out of the office and stored until it’s time to digitize the files or upgrade the office space.

Seasonal Equipment and Decorations

There are tons of things we buy and use as homeowners that we don’t need around in our daily life. A 5×5 storage unit is a great home for lots of these season-specific items.

Park your lawn mower in a unit throughout the winter and your Christmas decorations throughout the summer. Store your unused ski equipment or that kiddie pool your kids won’t let you throw out. The best part is you’ll never need more than a 5×5 unit since you’ll be swapping out items from one season to another!

Miscellaneous Items

You paid a lot for something you aren’t going to use again right away—or maybe ever!— but that’s no reason to throw it out. Baby clothes, toys, and furniture that are too small for your growing kids don’t have any use in your garage or closet, but placing them in a 5×5 unit is an easy way to keep them in good shape, whether for your future children or the future kids of friends and family.

The same is true of an outgrown bike or other sports equipment, an old bed that’s too small for newlyweds, or even the wedding gown you hope your sister or daughter might wear some day. These are all things that don’t need to be kept at home but don’t need to be sold in a garage sale either.

Storage units are hugely helpful for moving and for big item storage, but 5×5 mini storage can be just as valuable. Imagine moving even a handful of the boxes from the most cluttered part of your house into a secure and affordable storage facility—your unstubbed toes should be reason enough, right?