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An unsung hero of the self storage industry is the fact that most facilities offer short term storage leases. Thanks to reality television, a lot of people have a skewed connotation of what a self storage unit can be used for these days. Big lockers with an entire household’s items that sits for months on end isn’t the only use for storage. Yes, being able to put so much away for an extended period of time is a thing of beauty, but having a month-to-month lease to help you get through some challenging times can be even more gorgeous.


Just last month my friend was telling me about how she got all new paint and all new floors for her home in anticipation for her first child and how panicked she was over what to do with all of her items. She was concerned about her furniture, clothing, and wall hangings being damaged from being shuffled from room to room while people were working. Thankfully she and her husband found a convenient storage facility with short term storage options just minutes from their house and they were able to access their things while safeguarding them after a three-week project turned into a three-month dilemma.


College students can also benefit from short term self storage options. For many students studying out of state, hauling all of their items throughout the country is a real hassle. Utilizing a cheap storage option that doesn’t require any long-term commitments is fantastic. Even in-state students find the bonuses to having a college storage unit because dorm rooms can be so tiny. Sweaters, coats, sports gear, and suitcases all take up valuable square footage in a cramped, shared college room. Putting that stuff in a space where your roommate won’t get into your things, or be inconvenienced by them, is ideal.


Personally, I’ve seen great value in renting a self storage unit for special event purposes. Renting storage space for my wedding was a no brainer after I started seeing how much everything costs. The risk of a roommate’s cat shredding my dress or a visitor with butterfingers dropping a latte on my bin of favors was just too much to take. Also, my 18, fourteen-inch vases filled with hand-painted lily’s took up quite a bit of space in my apartment. For the two months leading up to my, I mean our, big day, it was great having a storage space.


If you need a little bit of extra room, but don’t want to be locked into any long-term leases, ask the facilities in your area if they offer month-to-month leases. Home renovations, college storage, and special event space are just a few reasons why short term storage makes so much sense. You’ll get spoiled by having that extra space and you just might end up keeping it for longer than you think!