Don't let a car you're not using go through this kind of weather. Put your car into a vehicle storage unit. (Chris Carmack/

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

Vehicle storage isn’t just for people who are going to be leaving town for a while and need a place to keep their cars. Vehicle storage is also a place for somebody who has a vehicle that they don’t use on a daily basis but would like to keep. When renting a vehicle storage unit, you’re not only saving space in your garage, but you’re protecting you vehicle from many variables that are difficult (if not impossible) to manage.

Don’t let a car you’re not using go through this kind of weather. Put your car into a vehicle storage unit. (Chris Carmack/

One such variable would have to be other drivers. Try as you might, drivers still seem to find a way to get themselves into sticky situations. You might think that leaving your motorcycle parked down on the street is okay, but wait until somebody in a hurry is trying to pull out of a neighboring spot and they hit your bike. Leaving your vehicle parked outside on the street or even in a driveway leaves your car open to door dings, fender benders, and more.

Another variable is the weather. Severe weather can have a quick and costly impact on a car. Even if strong wind and rain might not hurt your vehicle, the debris that is picked up and scattered during a storm can. Also, leaving your vehicle at home might mean leaving it susceptible to falling trees. When placing your vehicle in a fully enclosed self storage unit, then you are cutting out a lot of the risk associated with storms. Damaging hail, extreme heat, and even extreme cold can all cause damage to your car’s surfaces and engine.

Other than protecting your car from the elements, you’re protecting your car that you don’t drive regularly from everyday life. That sounds a little extreme, but think about: what sort of abuse does your everyday vehicle takes? Kids hitting it with backpacks as they walk by, sticky juice boxes being left on the hood, kickballs bouncing off the sides, birds flying over head and cats climbing on it at night don’t help out the paint job.

Don’t wait until you’re leaving town to use vehicle storage and to protect your cars. Clear out space in your garage or driveway and keep the car you don’t drive regularly in storage.  Protect your weekend toys from variables that are out of your control when you leave them sitting outside. Rent an indoor car storage unit and give yourself a little peace of mind and a lot of space in your garage.


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