It is almost time to say goodbye to your beloved place of living. It may have been a lifetime or only a few year but you have created many memories in this place of living. Before you move on however it is highly recommended to let all of your friends know where you will be moving. Many people dread this task because it can be very tedious and dull but it doesn’t have to be that way if you don’t want it to.

There are many entertaining and creative ways you can take to let your friends know your up-to-date address. I have compiled a list of ways to make moving announcements exciting rather than boring. There are some ways that will take more work than usual but you will see the benefit with the results.

The first way would be to add some flavor to your moving announcements. Obviously when you first decide to move you will have to go out and purchase some moving announcement cards. Except this time will be different than your last time you bought moving announcement cards. Look around for designed cards that express your personality and creativity. They can be more expensive depending on the design you choose but you won’t find anything to outrageously priced.

Find more information on moving announcement postcard prices here.

Some people like to send out their moving announcements after they move, but I find it a lot more efficient to send the cards out before you move. This can prevent a lot of confusion between your family and friends and this also gives people the chance to give you their farewell.

If your family and friends are as tech savvy as you are, you can choose to go the route of email announcements. There are sites where you can make pretty nifty announcements, or you can go for justa  sharing of info by sending out a plain email. Email is not only the tech savvy way but can also be an eco-friendly way as well.

Another fun way you can let your friends and family know your moving is by throwing yourself a going away party. Use the same methods as before but turn them into party invitations. Now the fun is really beginning!

These events are a great for many reasons. You are giving your family and friends the chance to say goodbye and is a great way to recall all those memories you have had with the house. It may be something comical like the time someone dripped sauce all over the new carpet or something accomplishing like the time you painted the entire house.

So your moving process got a little hectic and a going away party was not possible. That’s totally understandable but I bet having a party sounded really fun huh? Well don’t let your dreams die just yet!

Throw yourself a housewarming party! Send out invitations just like you would for the going away party and also see if any neighbors would like to come as well. This is a great way to keep your old friends updated with your new home address and also could be a great way for you to meet new people in the neighborhood.

The last fun way to keep people up to date with your home address is by creating a home video announcement. There have been many different ways people have gone about creating these videos. Some people keep videotaping throughout their entire moving process while some just give you a tour of their new house. In your video you will want to boldly mention your new address so people take the time to write it down.

You can either share this video to people on social media or email it to your family and friends as an attachment. Since these videos have a lot of personal information be very careful who you are sending or sharing the video with.

Moving announcements should never be boring. There are so many ways you can spice them up and really bring joy to people that are receiving them. If you would like to see how other people have created their moving announcements click here.

You may decide to find your own unique way of informing your friends and family about your move. THAT’S GREAT!!! Let us know what they are!

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