When you look at all the different reasons you purchase a product or service or have loyalty to a brand or certain store, what stands out as the #1 key indicator for your loyalty? Sure, some people would say price but I bet you would be willing to pay more, possibly a lot more if you are treated well and experience top-notch customer service; I know I would.

Shopping for a self storage facility isn’t any different. When a potential customer calls or walks in and has questions, they expect the same top notch service and willingness to help. Actually, the average storage consumer probably demands a little more just because a lot of the time, renting a storage unit isn’t necessarily the most “happy” times in our lives. Divorces, military deployment, death of a loved one are all possibilities and everyday occurrences that have us shopping self storage companies. The manager that is willing to hear the person out, create a friendly conversation, and solve their problem will earn the business 9 times out of 10. In fact, you can convert 50% of your callers on the 1st call just by being friendly and helping solve their storage need. It isn’t always about the cheapest storage, it’s about making the consumer feel comfortable and treat them as you would want to be treated if it were you shopping self storage locations.