Find creative ways to organize the items in the storage unit that you've rented from (Iwona Grodzka/

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations,

When  you first enter your self storage unit you’re going to see a whole lot of nothing. You’ll see (generally speaking) a big, empty concrete floor, plain walls, and a ceiling with a light in it. This format for self storage space allows the freedom to setup your belongings however you wish and you aren’t restricted to shelf space or anything. However, you don’t have to keep it that way. I suggest that you put up free-standing shelves, use pallets, and specially organize your things to have a more custom storage experience.

Find creative ways to organize the items in the storage unit that you've rented from (Iwona Grodzka/
Find creative ways to organize the items in the storage unit that you’ve rented from (Iwona Grodzka/

I’ve gotten to see or heard of pretty handy ways to organize your storage unit and to keep your things organized. Adding shelving or other forms of organizational tools helps to not only keep you organized, but it in many cases helps you to use the space more efficiently.

Adding free-standing shelving is a great first step. You’ll want to find shelves that do not need to be attached to the wall–that’s an important factor to keep in mind since this is a rental space and not your own place you can drill holes in at will. Shelving options come in a wide variety so you can pick one that best meets your needs.

Using plastic bins and plastic storage drawers are great in storage units for organizing things. Bins and sets of drawers are generally easy to stack and since many of them are clear, it is easy to ascertain the contents. Utilizing this option for items you’ll use more frequently is a handy option.

I’ve seen some creative, custom self storage organizers as well. One person attached 6 pieces of wide, 3ft long PVC pipes to a wooden board to help house fishing rods. another person used something similar for their rakes, shovels, and other lawn tools. Old filing cabinets can be picked up fairly cheap at flea markets and are perfect for hiding a range of things. Many car enthusiasts use tackle boxes to keep vehicle detailing items organized.

Another self storage organizer would have to be plastic food containers; I’m talking about the clear buckets with screw top lids that are generally filled with 5lbs of pretzels or popcorn from warehouse stores. These air-tight containers help to preserve items while still allowing you to see what’s inside and keep the items in a crush resistant container.

Get creative with the ways you organize your self storage unit. Find cheap and efficient ways to meet your needs. The self storage unit you rent will be a blank slate and it is up to you to organize it and make it work for you.