By Laura

I remember that starting now, my mom would box up all of our everyday household decorations in order to start the rotation of holiday decorations. As a kid, I LOVED it! It was so much fun to see the bathroom covered in ghost statues, pumpkins, and “spider webs” instead the usual flowers that were EVERYWHERE (no offense Mom, you’re flowers are great). As I got older though, the pure excitement and magic of holiday decorations really setting the mood for the season took a serious turn. No longer did I come home from school and see the various rooms transformed…I now had to be a part of the process which was much harder work than I thought. But getting onto the storage angle of this, how we packed and stored the displaced everyday decorations was an entire job on its own–and the much less fun job compared to getting to hang the new decorations.

First, all of the snow globes, flower arrangements, and random knick knacks had to be packaged up. We’d use the generic boxes that some of the Halloween decorations were stored in to now store the everyday stuff. We’d reuse whatever packing materials were used also if they were still good. After a few years, tissue paper and newspaper becomes too torn up or brittle to be a good packing substance.

One thing to note is: use fragile boxes for fragile displaced items only. We’d set aside the boxes that mom’s paper mache pumpkins were in and use those for the snow globes. Never stray away from what the box is labeled as. It’s too easy to assume that the contents inside aren’t fragile if you get into the habit of ignoring labels.

After we get everything packed up, we have to sort the boxes into two piles: attic storage and closet storage. Certain items can’t stand the heat (yes, Virginia can still get pretty hot in October) or the cold (yes, Virginia can also be extremely cold in October) so we have to keep them inside. The snow globes are a good example of something that stays in the closet instead of the attic. Any antiques are also stored inside as opposed to the garage or the attic.

When putting items away, be sure to put the everyday items in the slot that the Halloween decorations came out of. This will help you to stay organized. Plus, how many of us have a ton of empty space to let displaced items have their own storage spots anyway?

When you’re ready to transitional from Halloween into Thanksgiving decorations, you kind of repeat the same process except you move the displaced decorations into the Thanksgiving slot to keep everything together. After you move them over, you put all of the Halloween stuff back into its normal spot. It’s a pretty decent rotation and easy to follow once you get the hang of it.

Once Christmas and New Years comes around, you’ll be a pro at rotating your items around. Hopefully you aren’t shifting around big pieces of displaced furniture or anything. We only had maybe 6 boxes in total to move around between the indoor and outdoor items that needed storage space. Even though the magic of decorations appearing was pretty good and gone, it was still fun changing up the house and I’m sure my mom was happy when I was old enough to help out so she didn’t have to do all of the tedious stuff by herself anymore.