By Vince Mancuso,

One of the lesser known features that many storage facilities offer is accepting deliveries. This is a great feature for local businesses and those who travel often, but how does it work? Fortunately, delivering to your storage unit can be simple—as long as you know the rules.

The most important thing is to know the rules of your specific storage facility, however, there are some basic principles that can apply to the majority of any shipping situation.

How Do I Ship to My Storage Facility?

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Shipping to your storage facility involves more than just entering their address into the shipping information. While having any packages shipped to your facility is just as easy having it shipped to your home or business, it’s important to know how your facility will accept it. Or if they’ll accept it at all. Be sure to speak with your storage facility operator to give your authorization as well as to let him or her know when they can expect deliveries and how often deliveries will come through.

Another important question to ask your facility operator is how deliveries will be handled. For instance, some storage facilities will accept deliveries and hold them in their office for tenants to pick up, while others may be able to directly place it within the unit. Again, this depends upon your facility, and is an important thing to look into.

One thing that is important to note is your storage facility’s office hours. As the storage operator will need to be present to sign for any deliveries, you’ll need to make sure your facility will be open at the date and time you expect your package to arrive.

Do I Need My Storage Facility to Accept Deliveries?

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The most common use of having deliveries accepted at a storage facility is for businesses. For example, a traveling pharmaceutical representative who is often out of town would benefit from storage deliveries. They could have samples and other promotional materials shipped to their storage facility to be ready and waiting for them to pick up before they head out to the next town.

Another potential use of having deliveries accepted could be when relocating for a job or going to college by having certain items sent ahead. For instance, college students could send dorm furnishings and other small personal items that may otherwise overfill their vehicle for the trip to campus. Even those who will be out of town can temporarily use this service if they expect a package while they are gone and also feel better about having their packages kept safe and out-of-site rather than sit on the front porch.

What Do I Need to Know about Delivering to Storage Facilities?


Other things that you should know about delivering to a storage facility are the other features you’re paying for. For instance, if you’re shipping expensive items, such as products for your business, ensure that the storage facility has advanced security features such as video surveillance and on-site resident management, where the operator lives on the property.

Unlike most features, shipping to a storage facility does not come with an additional charge, but is included in most amenities. Once used, having your facility accept your packages can make your life convenient while keeping things simple.

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