The popular television series “Orange Country Choppers” didn’t stay on the air for so many years and appeal to such a wide audience because people have a love for motorcycles and bike building. The people who built the bikes made it a ratings hit.

“Swamp People” on the History channel hasn’t risen to be the number one cable show on TV on Thursdays because people have a secret yearning for hunting alligators or want to learn how to create rabbit gumbo. The personalities of these people doing the gator hunting and bayou cooking that make the show.

These same principles can work for your storage company. Give your company a personality. Post bios of some of the “key players” in your office online. Get a pet for your office and do a daily blog about what he does. Or if you have a birds nest that happens to be built near your office take pictures of it every day and post two sentences about it. Simple.

During the spring, thousands flocked to their computers to watch a live camera feed of Shiba Inu puppies. These puppies slept most of the day, yet at times over 10,000 were watching.

There is bound to be something you can find in or around your office or the self storage facility that might peak the curiosities of people and keep them checking on your site.

People are easy to entertain. Keep your site focused on your business, but have a little link on the the page for somebody to check in on whatever is happening at your office. Post on your Facebook or Twitter that “Sassy” your office cat has a new toy and put a 30 second video of her playing with it. People like to look at cats online. Why? Who knows, but they do.

Take advantage of the booming popularity of storage auctions. Post live feeds of your storage auctions. Advertise that the auctions are coming up, set up a web cam or have somebody film the event and post some of the more interesting parts online. Not online will that drive people to look at your site, but it might increase turn out at the auction.

Let’s face facts. Most people probably don’t check an online storage site when they sit down at their computers and do their online routines of checking email, social networking sites and favorite entertainment sites, but perhaps you can change that. Have something that people will want to come back and look at often. Have something that a consumer would want to share a link on their personal Facebook page about.

Create a simple buzz that will put your company in the minds of people. Self Storage is your business and your money maker, but it doesn’t have to be the only thing that draws people to your site.