By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

How does your facility stand out in the world of self storage? What will make customers pick you over other companies? If you’re hoping that your good location and solid prices are going to do the trick, you might be right, but you also might resting in your comfort zone and missing out on major opportunities. Companies across the country are finding ways to be unique and finding ways to stand out in their communities.

One example would be the newly opened Gotham Mini Storage in Manhattan. This facility has upped the ante a little when it comes to setting up a

What can you do to make your storage facility stand out?

facility that is a crowd pleaser. A New York Times article called In a Crowded City, Storage Rooms with Amenities describes how this facility sets itself apart from the many other quality Manhattan storage facilities. One that I like, would have to be the snacks that are offered. They offer doughnuts for humans and treats for four-legged friends. Other amenities include music, a stunning view of the city, truck-sized elevators, free pickups, and free WiFi just to name a few (click on the link above to see the great view).

Many facilities set themselves apart by working with charities. We’ve mentioned how the storage industry reached out victims from Hurricane Sandy and how the industry was giving back during Christmas and the giving doesn’t stop there. Recently, A-1 Self Storage of San Diego donated money to Saint Madeleine Sophie’s CenterIn an article originally published on, Klara Bergman–owner & operator of Roemer Way Self-Storage in Santa Maria set out to boost business by working with non-profit organizations. Her set up ended up being a good situation for her company and the non-profits she works with.

In the same article about Bergman, she is quoted as saying, “at least 60 percent of our business is referral.”

This is a key point in doing things to get your facility to stand out. The Gotham Mini Storage facility is probably hoping that word will spread about their amenities from satisfied customers. A-1 Self Storage is not only doing a great service by helping out an organization, but it wouldn’t hurt if word spread about their good deed and leads developed because of it. Bergman stated that all of these relationships have helped turn in referrals for her business.

Think about what you can do for your facility. Are there ways for you to help out your community? Are there ways you can improve your facility that will have a big return on investment? Take a few minutes to see how you can positively make your facility stand out.