One thing we notice is the lack of follow up a lot of self storage facilities give on the leads or phone calls they receive. If you don’t close them on the 1st try, what percentage converts on the 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th efforts? Does everyone buy a car from the 1st car salesman they talk to?

Our in house call center converts 1/3 of their sales on follow up efforts. Being persistent but not overly aggressive is what we’ve found to be successful. For example, if the customer contacts you via email asking for a quote and doesn’t specify the best method of contact, CALL! It is much harder for a person to say no via conversation and gives your managers the opportunity to sell. If the person specifies email is the best method of contact, do as they wish and have an email template ready for your manager to quickly respond. However, mix up your strategy by trying both email and phone methods of contact if one does not seem to be generating a response.

The quicker you can respond and follow up, the higher your chances of converting the lead into an inquiry. Face it, every storage lead you receive has already been paid for with your advertising budget; get the best return you can by giving a full effort on every storage inquiry, even if it takes 4 tries.