With the hot summer approaching, have you considered renting a climate control storage spaced?

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager, USstoragesearch.com

In many parts of the country the temperatures are already getting hot and it is feeling a lot like summer. This kind of weather is perfect for going to the beach, the pool, or hosting a barbecue, but it might not be the best weather for your items in storage. Items in a storage unit can be impacted greatly by the hot temperatures during the summer and the extreme cold temps in the winter. Even if the temperatures don’t alter your items, the side effects of changing temperatures might. I’m not trying to scare you because not all items that sensitive, so to help you figure out if you DO need a climate controlled storage unit, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Do I live in an area prone to extreme temperatures?

If you live in an area that stays pretty neutral, then you probably don’t need climate control storage for your stuff. Areas that rarely see freezing temperatures and have highs that aren’t scorching are typically fine for regular storage. Parts of the country that are known for their blazing hot days or well-below-zero winter days should consider a unit that can be regulated. If you live in a state like Virginia that experiences both sides of the weather spectrum, you should consider a climate control storage space to save your things from suffering the fluctuation.

Are my items sensitive?

Wooden furniture, electronics, collectibles, antiques, and paper items are ones that are most prone to weather damage. These items are all impacted in different ways.

Would I keep this in my garage or attic?

If you consider an item too precious to put out in your garage, stick up in your attack, or tuck away in your basement, then you might want climate control storage. Items that hold that much monetary or sentimental value should be kept in a space that is more regulated.

Do I have wine that will be stored?

Wine doesn’t like to have great fluctuations in temperature. Wine doesn’t have to be expensive to be kept properly. Wines of all price points would appreciate a space with climate control.

Am I keeping any wax items in my unit?

This might sound odd right off hand, but wax items can cause a lot of problems if left in the heat. Candles and crayons often get dismissed because they are so small, but one red candle or crayon can cause a giant mess if left exposed to the heat.

Not all people in all situations require a climate control storage unit. If you have items that you would want stored like they were inside of your home, then you should rent a climate control storage space. If you area is known for fluctuating or extreme temps, then you should probably rent one. However, if your items are fairly durable and/or your area is decently neutral when it comes to weather, a plain storage unit should work just fine. You local storage facility should be able to help you figure out if you need to utilize this type of amenity.