Become a Customer’s Storage Solution

 A recent article on the ISS web page talked about things that draw customers to buy storage with certain facilities. They state that cost is much lower on the list then many of us think. Other factors surprisingly rank much higher. Being knowledgeable of the product and services you are providing is incredibly important. You must be able to answer a customers questions and concerns about self-storage and offer them a solution. An addition you must be interested in what customers have to say. Asking multiple questions in order to effectively solve a customer’s storage problem draws them in to your business rather than your competitor. The article goes on to describe many other factors that weigh on a customer’s decision to store their belongings with you; be the solution, be ready to close the sale, be nice, be genuine, and be appropriate.

We would like to hear what things you are implementing in your business model other than price or specials to draw customers in. Are you requiring employees to undergo training to better assist them? Do you require the phone to be answered in a certain way? Let us know.

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