self storage marketing
self storage marketing

Location, location, location tends to be the cliche notion for real estate–and a true cliche at that–but it is important for your marketing plans as well. Along with location, you need to consider the timeliness of your strategies for advertising your self storage facility or moving business. What is popular in your area and when? Take advantage of what is, what might be, and what probably will be interesting to your target market and make a plan for it.


You should know your location’s culture inside and out. Is your city big on professional or college sports? Are there any major festivals throughout the year? Is a certain holiday or a weather event a large part of your city? For example, if you live on the east coast of the United States or on the gulf, you could have implemented (or need to implement soon) ads about protecting your valuables during hurricane season. Perhaps you run a print ad or a Facebook ad about your fully enclosed vehicle storage. “Don’t let a fallen tree ruin your weekend toy! Protect it in a safe storage space that is conveniently located and easy to access.”


Planning for what might be popular is a good way to look down the road a bit in your planning. After judging (or guessing) which campaigns worked best, see what you can do to plan a little further ahead. If you live in a big sports town, start setting up scheduled posts for your Facebook account now. You can schedule posts to go out celebrating your hometown sports heroes while promoting your business. Take advantage of any hashtags that are popular with those events. Posts like this and ads of this nature might take a little creativity and getting your ideas together early can help.


For your long-term marketing in your local area, look at your city’s calendar. Typically you can see the big events that take place throughout the year. Look into advertising your self storage facility at some of those events or using the popularity of some of those events to draw attention to your business. If your community has a big farmer’s market that begins in the fall, advertise to sellers and buyers of that particular event. Also, start planning for holidays and summer travel advertising. It’s never too soon to get a jump on your plan.


A growing trend is shopping local and supporting those who support your hometown. Get out there and show your community that your business is connected to them. Find ways to shape your advertising to appeal to your target audience while also building genuine ties and bonds throughout the community. Make smart investments with your focussed advertising.