Shoe storage can be tricky and inefficient. (Photobac/

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

The first thing that pops into my mind when I think of shoe storage is the closet that Kurt Russell’s character made for Goldie Hawn’s character in the movie “Overboard.” I can’t help but HATE that closet because the shoe storage is so inefficient. She can only hold like 15 pairs of shoes in that whole great big area. For shoe storage, you want a system that is organized so that you can find what you’re looking for, help your shoes retain their condition, and a system that looks organized. While the movie’s closet does meet all of those criteria points, it was just too inefficient! Here are a two tips to help you organize and maximize space efficiency:

Shoe storage can be tricky and inefficient. (Photobac/

Coat Hangers

Hanging some of your shoes is a great way to get them off the floor and keep them organized. Bending a wire coat hanger into a mustache shape makes for a perfect way to store your flip flops. Yes, mustache shape–you just cut the bottom wire off completely and curl up the sides a little bit. Another option  is to use pants hangers. You can hang boots easily with pants hangers. This helps them stay upright and gets them off of the floor. *Make sure to put a piece of fabric or paper between the clamp of the hanger and your boots to avoid damage.

Wall Trim (for heels)

Finding ways to store your shoes to maximize your use of space is important. ( tpfeller/

If you or somebody you love has a lot of high heeled shoes, then this option is for you. A high heeled shoe hangs nicely on a wall from a piece of decorative wall trim hung on a closet or bedroom wall. You can pick any strip of sturdy, decorative wall trim and adhere it to your wall and your heels with rest on it nicely. It is a great way to display your shoes and to utilize your wall as a storage space. This is also a good option to hang on a low portion of your wall in your mudroom or near your front door for shoes you wear frequently.

Shoes don’t have to litter your closet floor or sit in inefficient boxes. Trying to make the most of your storage space means being creative. It is one things to be organized, but it is another to be organized in a smart way that uses your available space to the max. Finding more space to put more shoes is a constant struggle. Hopefully in real life, Russell has helped organize a better closet for Hawn and all of her shoes–and that the closet is made of cedar.