Emails are a great way to easily (and fairly inexpensively) reach your customers.

By Janel Scott

Most smart consumers know the importance of a good online deal, and most of us know that requires giving up our personal email address in exchange for that said deal. Email has become an efficient, result driven and inexpensive way for small businesses to communicate with customers. Email blasts and e-newsletters are a great platform to

Emails are a great way to easily (and fairly inexpensively) reach your customers.

offer incentives, attract repeat business and gain referrals. So how does a business begin to obtain these great little email assets? Let’s go through the basic email marketing terms to decide what is best way to gain email marketing momentum for your self storage facility.

A “cold email” refers to a personal email address that was purchased by a company for marketing purposes. Cold emails are far less effective for a company (NICHOLLS, 2011). Cold emails are normally placed in the trash or spam bin by the confused consumer, who is ultimately left with a bad taste in their mouth in regards to the company who sent the email. Generating consumer activity is the ultimate goal here– not deterring customers or potential customers from your brand. This is why collecting organic emails from your customer base and potential customer base is in your best interest as a business owner.

“Opt –in” emails are emails in which the consumer decides to give their email address in exchange for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  1. To receive an automatic discount
  2. To receive a “freebie” or free promotional item
  3. To be included in a sweepstakes, raffle or contest
  4. To receive “paperless” email receipts or monthly email invoices
  5. To receive notice of upcoming sales and promotions
  6. To receive a monthly e-newsletter with valuable consumer information

These are result driven, tried and true methods for gaining organic emails. Utilize one or all of these methods to start attracting customer emails.

Become proactive in your email address hunt.

We know self storage facility managers are on the phone with potential customers for most of their day. Why not ask the potential customer if they would like an email quote for the available self storage units? Then say, while I have your email address up, would you like to be registered for our self storage facility specials and discounts?  Asking a customer upfront for an email address is the best way to begin creating your email list.

Use your website as a catalyst for obtaining emails. Try offering a promotional item or creating a contest for a free month of storage on your website. For the user to register for this promotional item or contest, they must give their email address in exchange. In many instances, businesses use this concept as a way to gain email addresses.

These are just a couple of ways to start gaining emails for your list. Trust us; there are many fun and creative ways to get more addresses too. Obtaining customer emails may not be a complicated as you may think. Once the customer and potential customer email list is created, the marketing potential is endless.

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