By Laura

Hey y’all! I’m SO excited to start up this new video blog project. I’ve been stock piling lots of projects to keep myself busy and I can’t wait to share them with you.

At least once a week you’ll be getting a new video post from me on my YouTube channel that you can find right here on Everything Home.

I’ll be covering all the topics that you see on this blog plus much more! You’ll see my experiments in crafts, home organizing, food & drink recipes…my thoughts on sports (trust me, I’ve got plenty of those), stuff about pets, travel, books, studying tips…you name it, and I’ll try to cover it.

Which brings me to my next point…I’d LOVE to interact with you! Leave comments on the videos or on the posts right here. Find me on Twitter @LGJones523. Also, you can find me on Pinterest and Google+.  I love learning new stuff and talking to new people, so get in touch with me!

Here’s the link for my intro post:


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