Truck Rentals at Storage Facilities

By Molly Hammond,

If you’re renting a storage unit in an urban area where public transport is your go-to way around town, schlepping boxes and bags to your unit won’t be any fun—and you certainly can’t move furniture that way. Even if you’ve got a car at your disposal, there’s no guarantee that it will accommodate all of your items marked “to store” in one trip.

That’s why many storage facilities offer free truck rentals! By working closely with moving companies, storage facilities can offer tenants the use of a truck without the expensive rental fee. Facilities handle this amenity differently, though. Some require a certain size rental to be eligible; others allow any first-time renter to use a truck. No matter the specifics of the offer, the use of a free rental truck can be a huge help.

You may be tempted to forgo the promise of a moving truck and rely on strong friends and removable back seats, but it’s something to consider that can make your whole storage process easier.

A Free Truck Can Save You More than Money

Unless your personal vehicle is a flatbed truck, the rental offered to you by a storage facility is going to present you with a way to carry a lot more cargo at once.

Storage units are fantastic places to keep spare sofas or bedroom sets, but these large pieces of furniture are difficult to transport in anything smaller than a real moving van. Even smaller items, such as end tables or bookcases, can really stack up when it comes to loading them into a car or SUV, so having access to a larger vehicle can dramatically reduce the number of trips you’ll need to make.

While moving trucks may not be known for their great gas mileage, one trip in a truck will cost you far less in gas than multiple trips in a smaller vehicle—particularly if you’ve chosen a facility that’s close to home. Some facilities even include free miles in addition to waiving the truck rental fee!

A truck that can carry all of your items in one trip will also allow you to unpack everything at once, which means moving items into your storage unit will be that much easier.

There’s No Catch!

While the entire process of using a rental truck may not be free (Most agreements require you to return the truck with a full tank of gas), this isn’t an offer that aims to trick unsuspecting renters into paying exorbitant fees.

Self storage is an industry rooted in convenience, and free moving trucks are just that—a way to lessen the cost (both mental and financial) of moving items into a storage facility.

Any questions you have about how a particular facility’s free truck promotion works can be answered by anyone working at the facility, but feel free to ask a manager directly if you have questions or concerns.

Of course, if you’re renting a locker-sized unit or only storing a handful of boxes, you might not need a moving truck no matter how free it is. If, however, you’re moving many items and planning on a full day of pack-drive-unpack-repeat, the free trucks offered by many storage facilities could be a great resource for you.