Q? How will I be billed?

A. USstoragesearch.com uses anniversary billing, meaning that all costs accrued over the course of the month will be billed on the day of the month that the member originally joined.

Q? What are my payment options on USstoragesearch.com?

A. You can pay by credit card or ACH on a monthly basis.

Q? What if a reservation doesn’t move in?

A. While reservations from our site are highly motivated to move in and do so the majority of the time, there are instances where a reservation does not result in a rental. We have priced our services in such a way that, even in the rare occasion that someone doesn’t move in, the price-per-acquisition stays low and the ROI is excellent for our members. We do charge per reservation, which has provided a low cost-per-acquisition and beneficial marketing program for our member facilities.

Q? How will I be notified about reservations or leads?

A. If we secure a reservation or a lead is generated through USstoragesearch.com, an email notification is sent out to anyone that the facility chooses. The notification email can be sent to multiple email addresses.

Q? How does the flat-rate model work?

A. All traffic and leads generated on USstoragesearch.com will be sent to the facility to convert into rentals.

Q? How do the performance type models work?

A. USstoragesearch.com uses a reservation-based system. A one-time $50 fee will be charged for each reservation that we secure. USstoragesearch.com handles all traffic, providing you with a hands off marketing solution.

Q? Which property management systems do you integrate with?

A. We integrate with SiteLink PC & Web, Centershift 3.1 & 4.0, eDomico, Self Storage Manager, and QuikStor.

Q? Will I have access to make updates as needed?

A. All USstoragesearch.com members have their own login to make changes to their listings at any time they like. If you have questions or would like us to help with any updates, we can handle them for you as well.

Q? Are there any additional fees for setup, updates, or cancellations?

A. Absolutely not. Our members only pay us for the marketing services that we provide.

Q? What is the contract length?

A. We operate on month-to-month contracts. This gives you the freedom to use our services for whatever length of time you prefer.

Q? How can USstoragesearch.com benefit me?

A. USstoragesearch.com brings a powerful web presence that benefits each and every one of our members. We provide an affordable way for storage operators to reach a highly targeted audience that is ready to rent storage now. This increased visibility results in higher occupancy rates.

Q? What is USstoragesearch.com?

A. USstoragesearch.com is a storage directory website that makes finding self-storage easier for those in need of storage and makes online advertising simple for storage operators.