You can see people bundled up but paying close attention to the storage auction. (Photo courtesy of Bryan Krejci)

By Weston Cooper and Aaron Mackel

Are storage auctions as popular as they seem on television? Yes. On a cold, windy day in Omaha, Milt’s Mini Storage held one of the three auctions they have throughout the year. While the attendees hoped the weather would be better, they still showed up in numbers. This being our first auction experience, we just sat back and took it all in.

You can see people bundled up but paying close attention to the storage auction. (Photo courtesy of Bryan Krejci)

This auction was not the same type that we are so used to seeing on TV. It wasn’t the type of auction where the whole unit is sold at once and everything inside is a mystery. The individually sold items were shown to the crowd so there was no real mystery. Some items sold during the auction included boxes of vinyl records, Husker memorabilia, golf clubs, weight sets, and electronics. Notable items that sold individually for over $100 included an adjustable Bowflex weight set, kitchen furniture, bedroom furniture, and some boxes of classic vinyl records. Other items that appealed to smaller groups could be purchased at incredible bargains.

The total group that attended the auction was made up of about 50 people. Some came for personal interests and others for business purposes. Two men at the auction were there to find items to stock their store with. Those familiar with A&E’s Storage Wars have seen that storage auctions are popular with businesses such as this because they can buy something at a value and resell it for a profit. These two men were not aggressive bidders and were looking for true bargains that they felt they could turn a large profit on (unlike what you might see on television). There were aggressive bidders though. One man brought a stand along to the facility to be able to stand above the crowd and have a better view of everything that was being auctioned. He was an incredibly aggressive bidder and bid on, and won, a lot of the items being auctioned. Others seemed to be there just to take in the experience even on such a cold day.

If you have been interested in checking out a storage auction, it is worth at least one try. Whether you are looking to further your business, buy some stuff for around the house, or just want to experience a self storage auction in person, it truly is an experience. You will come across interesting people, interesting items, and you might even find something you just have to bid on. While this was our first auction, it won’t be the last.