By Bill Hipsher, Director of Business Development,

After careful planning, is adding and launching today a new press release and news program into our already developed list of services. has long been the leading website in the self-storage industry, proudly serving our members since 2004.  When we started developing the idea for our site in 2001 we worked out of about 100 square feet that was a left-over storage area in someone else’s office space.  We had no funding outside of what was personally brought to the table by our founders so we had to watch every penny.

Throughout the early years we had plenty of news we wanted to share as we reached benchmarks and launched new services but it was too costly to share all of our news with the through the national news/press services.  About a month ago we redesigned our entire blog and promised new features in the coming months.  Today we are pleased to provide the storage industry with a free place to share your news with thousands of readers in the storage industry.

The storage industry news section is a place for anyone in the storage industry or related industries (moving and storage industry vendors) to share their news for free.  The process is easy and can be completed in just a few minutes at  Any mini storage facility, storage industry vendor or moving company can share their news.

The goal for the news section is for readers to have an easy place to find and read the most important storage industry news.  Most press releases will be published within 24 hours of submission.  We also will not only publish news submitted by members, but will publish submissions without favoritism or selective publishing based on who we do business with.  If you have news related to the storage industry, we want to share it for you!

Of course, as always, there has to be a few rules that come along with this free service.

First, the stories must be news and cannot be used just for the promotion of your facility.  Examples of news would include new products or services, new hires, promotions, record-breaking performance, expansion, sales, etc.  News would not include promotional type releases about specials, discounts, deals, or etc. Our editing staff reserves the right to determine what “promotional” is.

Second, you have to be in or related to the storage industry.  If you are a storage manager, storage facility, storage operator, storage owner, moving company, self-storage vendor you are in!

Third, the stories must meet minimum guidelines for publishing, such as proper grammar, spelling, etc.  We will also not publish and/or reserve the right to edit anything that may be considered offensive to readers in any way.

Finally, we want the news to be brief.  We are limiting the stories to 500 words.  One of our goals is to give readers, including you, a place to find all the self-storage news you need in one place that you can read quickly without taking up too much of your day.  Give us and the readers the who, what, when, where and why.  If there is more you want to share provide a link to your full news story so readers can see more.

So why do you want to share your news on the Everything Storage Blog?  It’s simple.  A- you get to promote your storage facility or business to thousands of potential customers.  B- it is a way to create a stronger online presence for your company from a third party source.  C- you get to increase traffic to your website.  Finally, we will help promote your news via our social outlets, which, by most measurement tools, are overall the strongest in the industry.  We will do everything we can to make sure your news is seen by the people you want to read it.

Pretty simple, right?  That was our goal.  Keep it simple for those wanting to share news and those reading it.  We hope you enjoy this free service from and we look forward to sharing your news.

If you have any questions or want help with sharing your self-storage news please contact us at


  1. This is a great idea and perfect for small self storage operators who need a place to share news without killing their budgets. Press releases can be very expensive ($100-$400 depending on the agency and promotion you want around it). This is a great move. Good job team. Glad that we at are partnered with some forward thinkers.