If only moving were as simply and cute as this toy truck makes it look. (Anna-Mari West/Shutterstock.com)

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager, USstoragesearch.com

Excitement over a new place to live, a fresh start, putting “out with the old, in with the new” in action…there are many reasons to get excited about moving. With all of the excitement some of us, myself once in this category as well, put on rose colored glasses when looking at an upcoming move. Like in the picture, everything is simple to move, fits nicely, and the whole job can be done before lunchtime. However, in the real world, you need a moving plan that will help you tackle the realities surrounding relocation.

To Hire or Not to Hire

If only moving were as simply and cute as this toy truck makes it look. (Anna-Mari West/Shutterstock.com)
If only moving were as simply and cute as this toy truck makes it look. (Anna-Mari West/Shutterstock.com)

When developing your moving plan, first decide on what you are willing to pay somebody else to do. Are you going to hire a company to completely pack up all of your things, move them, and then unpack them? Or are you just going to have them load the already packed items and ship them? Or do you just want to rent a truck yourself? Whether you hire help or not is based on how much you’re moving and how much work you’re willing to put into the process.

Gather Supplies

A major part of your moving plan needs to be dedicated to gathering materials. You’re going to need more supplies than you think you’ll need. You’ll need more tape, packing paper, boxes, pairs of scissors, markers…anything you associate with moving you’ll need, and you’ll need more than you think. If you start gathering supplies early, you can find good deals and might be able to acquire some boxes for free.

Round Up Help

Even if you’re just moving out of your dorm room, you need to factor in some sort of help into your moving plan. Even if hiring people is way too much, you should still have at least one buddy or family member help you. You don’t want to hurt yourself by carrying items that are too heavy or doing too much in one day.

Scope Out the New Place

You might want to go and check out your new place and walk through it to see what needs to be fixed ASAP before you go moving everything in. I mean just factor in a 5 minute walk through into your moving plan so you can make a to-do list before some of your “must do” projects get covered by boxes.

Allow Lots of Time

Unlike the idealistic picture, moving isn’t just transferring a couple of boxes and pieces of furniture a little ways down the road for most of us. It’s a big deal and it will usually take more time than you think. Having unrealistic time allotments in your moving plan will just set you up for failure.

When you’re thinking about and developing your moving plan, be realistic. Take a cold, hard, scary look at the task at hand so you can better prepare for it. Even the smallest of moves can present the biggest challenges.