Mobile storage is growing in popularity as a way for businesses to store records. (Novelo/

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

Gotham Mini Storage in Manhattan NYC offers choices for storage that can benefit small businesses in big ways. Gotham Mini Storage has a strong focus on helping businesses and offers many amenities and features that make this particular facility very business friendly. Finding ways to be efficient with money should be something on the forefront of any small business owner’s mind and Gotham Mini Storage is shaping up to be one prime example of getting the most for your money.

Gotham Mini Storage offers a great solution to small businesses with storage space issues. (Novelo/

Using a mini storage unit as opposed to renting a larger office space can save lots of money. Businesses often have records, extra inventory, and supplies that they need more space for. Renting a cheap Gotham Mini Storage is one way to have the space needed to work in a clutter-free environment without having to spend a lot of money.

As quoted in a recent press release, Gotham Mini Storage’s Office Manager, Adam Goldstein said, “When you use Gotham Mini Storage in Manhattan to store your business inventory it’s like having your own portable warehouse that can grow as your business and office storage needs grow. We’ve got lots of small businesses using our facility to store stock, promotional materials, product samples and business inventory. For small to medium businesses that don’t need and can’t afford a huge warehouse, Gotham Mini Storage is a great option. You don’t have the heavy cost associated with warehouse space and no long-term commitment and still you have all the amenities, like security, climate controlled conditions, and 24/7 accessibility.”

Having amenities that meet the needs of businesses is important and something to think about. If your stored items aren’t being kept in a place that will keep them safe or in a place that isn’t convenient for you to frequent, then having extra space isn’t doing you much good. Gotham Mini Storage gives businesses the space they need, the amenities they require, and a price point that is generally considerably more reasonable than renting or buying a larger work space.