When renting a storage unit, like one you can get from USstoragesearch.com, be sure to do your homework first so you can rent a unit that meets your needs. (Photo courtesy of Grace Bailey)

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger

Some of us will find that our home is filled to the brim when it comes to domestic storage options. The attic, garage, every cabinet and corner is in use as a place to store your possessions. If this is the case for you, here are a few domestic and external storage options that could make your home that much more clutter free.

1)      Indoors external self-storage complex

No matter where you in the country, one of these complexes will be within driving distance of your home. Indoor self-storage complexes, also known as warehouse self-storage, let you hire units of all different sizes up them for what usually is a weekly fee. If you just require the storage for the day, most self-storage companies will also have an option for that. How much it will cost to rent out a unit is dependent on its size and for how long you need it for, but it’s a modest fee. For example, 25 square foot shouldn’t cost you any more than £40 a month. Many self-storage companies will even offer you a discount if it’s your first time using their service.

The main advantages of indoor storage complexes are that your stored possessions will be fully secure and you’re items will be protected against the elements. A good, reputable self-storage company will have CCTV, around the clock guards, fencing and alarms in their security arsenal. As your items are indoors, you need worry about the outside elements taking their toll on them.

There are many different forms of storage options for you to choose from when looking to rent a storage unit from USstoragesearch.com. (Photo courtesy of Grace Bailey)
There are many different forms of storage options for you to choose from when looking to rent a storage unit from USstoragesearch.com. (Photo courtesy of Grace Bailey)

2)      Outside container storage

These companies operate outdoors and use metal shipping containers for storage. This means that, unlike warehouse self-storage, your items will not be as protected against the weather as the units are not air conditioned. As such, stored items will be susceptible to damp. So if you’re planning to store anything that may be adversely affected by potential damp conditions, this option is right for you.

But if you’re planning to store items that can take a bit of dew then this could be your self-storage answer. The main advantages of outside container storage means that, for most services anyway, you can drive your vehicle right up to your storage container. If you’re planning to store something heavy and durable, check out outside container self-storage companies in your area.

3)      Removal Storage

This storage option is for those that are in the process of moving house and briefly have nowhere to store their possessions, removal storage is what you are looking for. They are often run by removal companies – if you’ve hired one of them out to help you transport all of your worldly belongings from home to the other, ask them about their self-storage options if you are struggling with storage in between moves.

4)      Residential garage storage

If you require a self-storage unit that is close to your residence, then consider hiring out a garage in your area. This storage option can be considerably cheaper than warehouse and outdoor storage, and they may have the advantage of being near your house, ideal if you require semi-regular use of the items you wish to store.

5)      Buy a steel container

If you need a lot of secure storage that is even closer to your home than a warehouse or a garage storage complex may be, maybe a purchasing a steel metal container is the suitable storage option for you. This is an extremely expensive storage option – costing anywhere from £700 upwards. These containers are the same is essence as outdoor storage complexes use. This option should only really be considered if you require daily access to your items and have to money to spare. There, of course, is also the cheaper option of buying a shed.


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