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By Jennifer Lutz, Guest Blogger

Finding it difficult to relax at home because of all the clutter that greets you at the threshold? Do you need efficient storage for the things you can’t do without? You don’t need a drastic, expensive remodel or a change of address just because your home is packed with too many things. Spaces – no matter how large or small – and the stuff they contain can usually be organized for maximum utility AND relaxation by the average homeowner. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you achieve that goal:

Find spaces in your home to be more organized or rent a storage unit from (bikeriderlondon/
Find spaces in your home to be more organized or rent a storage unit from (bikeriderlondon/

Put your hair up

Survey your home and identify the areas that you can get more out of. Optimizing the space you have may mean turning that unused broom closet or attic into an area that’s multi-purpose; for example, adding extra shelves for cleaning materials in the closet or turning that empty attic into a den.

Clear up

If you don’t use it, lose it. The functionality of your furniture and other items in your home spaces is key. Keeping pieces to a minimum – akin to the Zen philosophy of home decorating – typically contributes to a more serene space. If you must display your heirlooms, souvenirs, pictures, or what-have-you, showcase a few of those well-loved items – not every photo you’ve taken and knick-knack you’ve bought. You want your home to, well, look like a home, and not a museum of the countless artifacts that have accumulated through the years.

Clean up

Spiffying up a space doesn’t always mean you have to remodel each and every square inch of the place. Sometimes, all it takes to enhance the overall look of your space is a good sweeping, a bit of wiping, and possibly some polishing. A bit of elbow grease can make a huge difference in the way an area looks and the way you feel while you’re in it. Cleaning and de-cluttering can also give you more ideas on how to use the space effectively. A cleaner, airier space may be had with these aforementioned steps.

Set up

So now you’ve got all that extra space. What do you do with it? If you need or want extra storage, ensure that the stuff you store is tucked away. For example, you can buy organizers for your drawers so you won’t have to root around for spoons, forks, knives or other utensils; or repurpose wicker baskets that you might otherwise have to throw away by placing folded sheets and the like in them and storing them under your bed. You may have to remodel to some extent if you wish to reclaim shelf space, floor space, or closet space and your efforts and ideas just won’t do; go to the all-knowing Internet or your local interior designer for help if necessary.

Put your feet up

Now that you’ve cleaned up, cleared up, and put away the non-essentials, enjoy your newfound space/s – maybe light a candle or two and put on some music while you admire your handiwork and your new-and-improved home. Just remember that the tasks you’ve accomplished with the end goal of maximizing places and spaces shouldn’t be a one-shot deal. Pick up after yourself, clean and clear up whenever you can, and be constantly on the lookout for innovative, space- and sanity-saving items and ideas; otherwise, you may lose the oasis you’ve worked so hard to create and enjoy.

There’s almost always room for improvement – literally and figuratively. Your home may be a studio unit or a sprawling manse – in any situation, with the right inspiration – it’s not that difficult to find new ways to save space and make almost any room in your home much more restful and much more useful.

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