Guest Blog: Beneficial Budget Moving Tips

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger

Moving takes physical and mental strain, great organizational skills and prioritizing. The sooner you face the real scale of a move, the earlier you start with your adequate approach towards the situation. The first step ahead is a strict plan to guide you through this time-consuming process, reminding you what’s next on the agenda. It is namely the planning which will help you to keep the costs down and yet you should be aware that some expenses are unavoidable, the point is to find out all the possible money-saving options.

One of the basic rules for a hassle free and quick move is not to procrastinate. Start with changing your address, arrange the mail forwarding and all the details

If you're moving on a budget, there are several steps you should take to help you out. (Photo courtesy of Grace Bailey)

If you’re moving on a budget, there are several steps you should take to help you out. (Photo courtesy of Grace Bailey)

necessary for receiving the bills at your new place.

Continue with sorting out all your belongings to find out which ones you will no longer use. You can invite your friends to take the stuff they like and organize a garage or online sale for the valuable items- reselling will help you earn some extra money. Then decide what to donate to charity and what to throw away. Getting rid of things which are useless to you will also free space in the moving vehicle.

The moving preparation continues with sorting and packing. If you insist on doing it by yourself, and seek no professional assistance for this phase of the move, you need to supply yourself with packing materials. Probably, you have collected some boxes in the course of time, but if you don’t you can ask relatives or friends and even local stores. You can check for non-expensive boxes online from individuals or suppliers. Before entering the packing zone, research for useful packing techniques- after all, you want to transport your household content absolutely intact. Try to fill each box’s space with items- the free spaces will make your items bump into each other during the shipping. Don’t try to save wrapping materials for your valuables like antiques, china sets, jewelry. Once you are done with the boxes, secure them with scotch-tape.

In order not to get lost in the chaos surrounding you when moving, and create the same chaos in your new location, you should label the boxes. Try to arrange the content of a box accordingly and thematically- for example: towels, kitchen appliances, bedroom and so on. Thus, you will know what is the content of a certain box without unpacking it, which will make it easier to arrange your future home.

And the last tip you may avail yourself of, is to ask your friends or co-workers do the re-assembling and assembling of your appliances and furniture so to avoid paying for specialized service.


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