Renting a climate controlled storage locker from can help you give you school storage space for things like books and a great price. (KIM NGUYEN/

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger

There are many reasons why many people would benefit from short or long-term self-storage unit rentals. First of all you can use store personal possessions, unneeded furniture, office equipment and even products and stock. One thing we simply cannot ignore is that nearly all businesses and individuals want additional space to function, whether we’re talking about living in a home or working in a typical office environment. The following tips will give you some details on why you would want to work with a self-storage facility and what you stand to gain from such a relationship:

  • Relocating
College students represent just one target group that could benefit from renting out a self-storage unit. Find a storage unit on now. (KIM NGUYEN/
College students represent just one target group that could benefit from renting out a self-storage unit. Find a storage unit on now. (KIM NGUYEN/

The greatest thing about self-storage units is the fact that their flexibility allows them to be used in a great number of ways that benefit a similarly large number of parties. Moving a home can be one of those reasons, since the extra space can be used to your advantage when you aren’t yet fully moved into your future home. Selling your home will also require you to deal with the need to make your home as presentable as possible. You can’t do that while its cluttered with your own possessions, since most future buyers would want to see the expanse of the rooms and picture their own things there. This is where self-storage units will serve a great role, allowing you to store your belongings without worrying about storage space.

  • Student Self-storage

Students often need the extra space once they move to a new university and since this is also their serious, first time away from home they may experience the need to have their own space away from the dormitories or apartment. Since most of the time students have other things on their minds, they could easily forget that little fact. Thankfully, parents can look that up for them as that little bit of extra space means their belongings might be safer and better taken care of than inside their dorm room or rented apartment. That type of self-storage allows you a cheap solution that gives a chance for students to store their belongings during the summer break or other times when they won’t be around.

  • Business Benefits

The situation with businesses is even more beneficial, since the options and necessities for them are of an even wider range. You can store materials, equipment and furniture inside. You can also use them as a physical storage for data, paper archives and more. The added security and insurance involved will make sure your company’s possessions are well taken care of. Regardless of the type and size of the storage you’re using you will also have a chance to work with climate-controlled storage for sensitive equipment and possessions.

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