Find ways to clear out items before moving. (Photo courtesy of Grace Bailey)

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger

Packing is one of the most time consuming parts of moving home, and trying to be as efficient with space as possible when it comes to loading your removal van will be important too. Trying to take everything with you, including things that you hardly ever use anymore, can become expensive because of extra space requirements. Below are a few tips on how to turn old or unwanted items into an advantage when moving home.

Find ways to clear out items before moving. (Photo courtesy of Grace Bailey)

Clearing out old items

Before you even start packing, and well in advance of moving day, have a clear out of the house. Gather up any items that have been sitting away in cupboards or attics for years, as well as any things you have been planning to throw out or get rid of. If you’re planning on replacing any furniture or other items once you’ve moved, then set these aside too. Already you will find that you have cut down on your packing requirements quite a bit.

Selling your unwanted things

This has two advantages. Not only are you cutting down on your space requirements, so potentially saving money on moving costs, if your items are in decent condition you can sell them too, and use any extra cash raised to cover part of your moving expenses. The best way to do this quickly is to find any local car boot sales or fetes that you can set up a stall at. Not only is this fun, but you may well be able to get rid of everything in one day.

Alternatively, you can use the internet or local shops to place adverts for your local area, and these are normally a good way to a quick sale. If you have more time, you could also consider eBay.

Giving away what you cant sell

If you’re having trouble getting rid of certain items, or have things that you simply want to get rid of or don’t have the time to sell, then you should still get rid of them. Rather than simply throwing them away however, consider sending them to your local charity shop or using websites such as freecycle to advertise the fact you are giving them away.

In the case of larger goods such as televisions and so on, some charity shops will actually come and collect them for you too, saving you even more time. This can be great if you just want to get rid of something quickly, and you can also gain peace of mind that not only are you ‘recycling’, but your items will be used by someone who needs them.

Make use of anything you can

There might be some things, such as old boxes or suitcases, garden trolleys and so on, that can actually be useful to you during the move. Why spend extra money on packing boxes if you already have some that are in decent condition. The same goes for suitcases or travel trolleys. Even if you plan on throwing them away after you have relocated, try to make use of them for the move and save yourself some money.


If you have some items that you really don’t want to get rid of, but don’t have space for in your van, then consider hiring a storage space for them until you are settled and can integrate them into your new home. This ensures they will be out the way when you move, and in the case of valuables, won’t be at risk of getting broken during travel or unpacking.

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