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By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger

Moving requires a lot of choices and preparation to complete, depending on the nature and magnitude of what’s involved. There are many situations in which regular shipping containers work wonders, however in other cases you may need something a little bit extra to get things done. This is where custom containers come in. You can use them to ship products that are not safe to move with other choices or those that are of odd sizes and shapes. This type of container may be equipped with additional padding, bracing and blocking, lift rings and locks or carrying handles. You can reuse these containers whenever you need to.

Many different options for storage containers are out there. What possibilities are you looking at using? (mervas/
Many different options for storage containers are out there. What possibilities are you looking at using? (mervas/

Containers with customized options can be higher than the standard variety, up to a foot. They can also have open tops, side doors or double doors or a temperature control system. There is also another kind of custom container that acts as a oil and fuel container with a portable size. It is a fuel tank intended for logging, farming, mining and construction efforts used to move hazardous liquids, either by land, air or sea.

There is much more that can be done with shipping containers though, as they can even be turned into living space with the right work being done on them. They can be adapted into modular buildings serving different needs, depending on the purpose chosen for it. Container living is something that could work, either for emergency situations such as tornadoes and similar cases. They could also work well as housing in everyday situations, depending on how you handle them.

20-foot moving containers can also be used for easy transportation on the back of a regular flat bed trailer. You can also use metal barn buildings for a quick and easy solution to storage space if you need it. They are usually seen in industrial or agricultural efforts, but can be adapted to suit your needs with some decent amount of work. One can also use prefab kits to create mobile offices, classroom buildings, shelter, storage space and more as long as they are carefully made ready.

The great thing about shipping containers of the standard kind is their flexibility and the fact they fit in with each other so well. This opens the way for some really nice solutions in adaptational design for residential buildings and secure storage. For example, elements from shipping containers can be used to create whole apartment complexes, survivalist bunkers, camping shelter and more with the right tools, as can be seen in some places around the world. The upside to that is their modular design, allowing one to create whole buildings out of them. With a little bit of work on insulating them, they can also be turned into perfect houses, doors and windows of your choice.

In the end shipping containers can be used in many ways, far beyond their original purpose with some smart engineering and forethought.

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