By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger

In time homes become more and more like battlefields of clutter than the orderly and lovely looking photos we have seen in magazines and commercials. Without proper storage procedures your home’s conditions will easily go out of control up to a point where you’ll be almost literally swimming in clutter. Naturally this is where clever storage space comes in and this small guide aims to help you find ways to get the job done without much hassle.

  • Your hall

This is a place where you can do much by simply installing a chest of drawers, a coat tree or a hanging rail. This will help you keep your coats, jackets and more on hand as well as anything else you need to store. A shoe rack is a must in such a location no matter what type of home you have. There are vertical ones that allow for more freedom of movement, thus eliminating the need for too much space.

  • Semi-fitted wardrobes

The good thing about modern day furniture is the flexibility offered by most companies in terms of what they can offer. When it comes to storing clothes you can buy semi-fitted wardrobes that allow you put things away in a nice and orderly fashion.

  • Downsizing

This is an essential step in making your home a manageable place. Make sure your clothes and personal belongings are something you look through every so often. Set aside the clothes and items you won’t wear or use and find ways to donate or sell them. Less clutter means easier organizing overall, so be ruthless and rid yourself from as much as you need to.

  • Use your imagination

Storage solutions can come naturally if you consider your options by thinking outside the box. There are plenty of old, antique furniture which also holds wonderful storage space and it can be utilized too. You’ll be able to make your home look completely different and beautiful. Other opportunities include customized storage space such as underneath staircases and within walls if your home allows it.

  • Bookshelves

If you have far too many books that you absolutely know you won’t read anytime soon you should donate them to your local library, friends or family. There is no sense in keeping too much on hand as it will only collect dust and make things worse in the long run. 

  • Priorities matter

Keep items you need in easily reachable places and the ones you don’t somewhere out of sight. Its as simple as that – attics, basements and garden sheds are all places to hold everything you won’t need anytime soon and this is where your priorities lie. Take seasonal clothing and store it in these locations instead.

  • Self-storage options

If you are truly overflowing with possessions and you need to make sure they are safe, but out of the way storage companies are your best bet. They will provide you with the much needed security, space and even insurance that will keep your belongings safer than ever save for being inside a bank vault.

Grace is a passionate writer working on a behalf of Barnet moving company that can offer you professional E8 relocation services and stress free experience.

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