Guest Blog: Household Storage Tips for Packing Odd Items

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger

There can hardly be a person who doesn’t want more storage at home. The reason for that is because people buy more than they can store and don’t throw away enough. In order to store all of these items, people use garden sheds, garages, basements, storerooms, self-storage units, warehouses and other storage options. Depending on the item for storing, there are different options available. But how do you store those belongings that are oddly-shaped and easily damaged? Here are some useful household storage tips that will help you get stared:

Household storage tips can assist you in making sure your items retain their good quality. (Image courtesy of Grace Bailey)

Household storage tips can assist you in making sure your items retain their good quality. (Image courtesy of Grace Bailey)

Storing household items: Some of the awkwardly-shaped items that are hard to store are brooms and mops. One of the ways to store them is by bundling them together and hanging them on a hook – either in a store room or on the terrace. Another item difficult to store is a lamp or a lampshade. These are both heavy and fragile. The first thing to do is remove the light bulb and clean the lamp thoroughly. Next, wrap the whole thing in two layers of bubble wrap and place it in a cardboard box – in upright position. Every lampshade should be wrapped separately, and the same applies for their cords.

Storing China: Fragile and expensive, chinaware requires special handling and care and ideally a special box for storage. Both glassware and chinaware tend to be very hard to store, easily damaged and awkwardly-shaped. The easiest and safest method is to wrap each piece separately – first in bubble wrap and then in paper and to place it with the bottom up in a padded cardboard box. Wrap vases with a few layers of bubble wrap and use cloth for extra cushioning. Fill void spaces in boxes with more cloth. Chinaware and glassware are best stored in a room or storage where they’d be on a middle shelf.  Don’t move them around too much.

Storing Bicycles: Another item that is hard to store is a bicycle. It should first be wrapped in a moving blanket and then secured with packing tape or straps. Store the bike in a dry area, away from direct sunlight.

Storing Tables: A table can cause lots of headaches until you manage to store it away properly. Disassemble the legs and wrap them separately. Wrap the entire thing in bubble wrap or stretch wrap and store it in a dry place. Don’t place it directly on the floor, but rather on a shelf, lifted up a little.

Storing Collectibles: If you have a precious collection, make sure you get a proper box for it. Use double protection for the extra fragile items. It’s best to put them in their original boxes, but if that’s not possible, then buy one with dividers. Store them on a top shelf, or in a climate-controlled self-storage unit.

Follow these simple storage solutions and you won’t have a problem storing anything.

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