Finding ways to be more eco-friendly with your move can help both you and the environment. (rvlsoft/

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger

Nowadays it’s extremely important to recognize the carbon print we leave on the environment and the extent to which our actions and the way we live harm nature. Doing things the green way is becoming vital if we want to preserve what we have. Moreover, the greener our daily life becomes, the safer and healthier we will be.

Finding ways to be more eco-friendly with your move can help both you and the environment. (rvlsoft/
Finding ways to be more eco-friendly with your move can help both you and the environment. (rvlsoft/

One of the main sources of pollution is transportation and moving in all its forms. Whether it is by road, rail, sea or air, the negative impact on the environment is significant. What people don’t understand is that a simple relocation from one place to another would cause not only a considerable pollution, but also the destruction of trees. Just to get cardboard moving boxes in all sizes, you will be promoting the cutting of trees. Now when you start thinking about the effect a single house move could have, you will realize that this can’t be the only way. And it surely isn’t, as today almost any aspect of life can be done in an eco-friendly way – as much as that is possible. The first step is recognizing your impact and doing everything possible to reduce it.

Replace cardboard moving boxes with ones made of recycled cardboard, previously used or plastic ones. Look for used moving boxes in big department stores, supermarkets and malls. This is more environmentally-friendly and it will reduce your moving costs as well.

Next thing to do is replace some of the packing material that you are planning to buy. For example, why buy plain paper for wrapping fragiles when you can use old newspapers, linen and other cloth. The same applies for bubble wrap – it’s a great packing material for sure, but there are always alternatives you could make use of.

Without doubt one of the best ways to move in an eco-friendly way is by simply reducing your cargo. Before you take the inventory and start packing, make sure you take the time to do a full house clearance. If you haven’t used a certain item for years, you probably won’t be using it anymore. Why pack it and pay for its transportation then? The bigger shipment you have, the bigger pollution you cause. Recycle old electronics and sell or donate furniture you don’t need. Don’t throw away items that will need years to decompose.

When moving, make sure you rent a truck that’s big enough for your belongings. This way you can move house with just one trip, thus reducing your carbon footprint. The most eco-friendly way to move is actually by rail, so if you are getting your car shipped to you, look for a green shipping company that will ensure the most eco-friendly transportation available.

Keep in mind these green moving tips and you will manage to move the best way possible.


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