Guest Blog: How to Plan a Move

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger

Change is something that happens to us very often, whether we want it or not. The reasons may wildly vary, such as work or study, even a new relationship or marriage as well. Maybe you are looking for a better rent or a change of scenery? Whatever your reasons, moving from one spot to another requires a great deal of organizational skill as well as preparations. Making a good plan long before that happens is a good way of keeping things under control whenever the big day happens. The following tips are aimed toward helping you figure out what you need to do:


When you plan a move, there is lot to consider. Renting a storage unit from can help relieve a lot of stress. (Photo courtesy of Grace Bailey)

When you plan a move, there is lot to consider. Renting a storage unit from can help relieve a lot of stress. (Photo courtesy of Grace Bailey)

Making a list of tasks

As we all know, keeping notes of things helps us get better organized as well as easily remembering things when we need them. That will give you a chance to check off the things that are done at the end of the day. There will be quite a few things to consider as the move progresses. There will be at least a few months of things to remember and organize. You will need to get some things done before others, so having a good organizational list of tasks will be a boon. While you’re at it, you should address the possible changes to insurance you can in the process. Your belongings will not be fully insured against damages, as they will be treated by weight with the default insurance option. Make sure you find a better option if you feel the need for it.

Planning for new rooms ahead

Since you are not very likely to be able to completely and accurately replicate what was in your old home. A new place means new opportunities for something fresh and interesting. You can take photos of your old place to get the gist of it for future reference. This will help you with the unpacking of your belongings and with the way the new place will look. You will have a chance to use the photos you took earlier so you can remember what goes where. Depending on the size of your home you may already have a mental layout in your head, even down to the very last detail.

Checking out professional movers

The first thing you will learn if you want to do a whole lot of moving by yourself is that this is a difficult, time-consuming task. For all but the shortest of moves it would be much better for you overall if you hire a moving company instead of working alone. They will provide you with professional experience and the service you’ll need to get the job done. Although some of these companies may be expensive, but that may not always be that way. Make sure you contact as many companies as you feel you need to so you can get a better understanding of the market. This will allow you to pick a company offering a good compromise between prices and quality of service. Another thing you may want to do is to buy some additional insurance, since most companies will have a default one which only covers the total weight of your cargo instead of its true value.


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